Cherub: Mad Dogs is a fantastic book full of twists and turns. It reels you in, making you want to read on. It is story of a gang war over drugs and. CHERUB: Mad Dogs by Robert Muchamore – review. ‘a fantastic book full of twists and turns; it reels you in, making you want to read on’. Ninja. Gang warfare gets gruesome in the eighth book of the CHERUB series, which Rick Riordan says has “plenty of action.” CHERUB agents are highly trained.

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Eobert Muchamore is also very good at writing sex md aimed at children! Our main character, James Adams is now 16 and now that James is becoming older, th Mad Dogs covers the issue of British gangs and the intimidating threat of criminal activity that poses a threat to civilian safety. Feb 02, Youssof Hamad rated it really liked it Shelves: Overall, I enjoyed this book.

Today mqd my report I am going to discuss James Adams. I thought Mad Dogs was an interesting book filled with action and intensity every page, from brutal attacks to explosions to the slightly smaller things, like when James and Wheels broke into the Churchill Suite at the hotel and robbed the people of their money and car. Mad Dogs centers arou Cherub is a series, created by Robert Muchamore, that is centered around the adventures of James and Lauren Adams, and their friends.

This book had me amazed.

The camp is mainly made up of orphans that are taken out of orphanages and brought to the hidden Cherub campus where they will stay. Jun 13, Jack O’Reilly rated it it was amazing. And then another adversity happened. While there, Ukrainian instructor Yosyp Kazakov is accidentally knocked out when trainee Kevin Sumner throws a smoke canister at him.

James tells his girlfriend Dana, although hurt, forgives him.

Then he get notice that there is going to be an attack on another gang. This’ book target audience is for teens mainly boys, but I believe this can be enjoyed by female teenagers as well. In this book James and his friend Bruce need to infiltrate the gang Mad Dogs who is currently up against a gang lead by Major Dee.


Other books in the series. They get into an apartment. To view it, click here. Aug 17, Farseer rated it it was amazing. He is soon accepted into the gang and given a major role. In mad dogs, James and Bruce have to infiltrate a violent gang. She was attractive and I was near her for a lot of the time. The end is about how they This book focuses on street gang violence and is part of a series called Cherub by Robert Muchamore.

Refresh and try again. Being a kid is fun and you don’t have to worry as much and if you have no regrets about not having a fun childhood it can lead you on a path to become a better adult. There was not much action at all past the first 40 pages, just a lot of talking.

Robert Muchamore was born in Islington, London in After they gained the Mad Dogs loyalty there was a mole in the Slasher Boys group which was an accountant who also helped out the Mad Dogs. Zara Asker, the chair woman finds out about his plan and fires him from Cherub. I really enjoyed this book, I thought it was really exciting and I look forward to the next one in the series.

He warns tells cherub. As robegt book went on I liked him less and less. Which sends people u I thought this book was very interesting with a lot of action and left me in suspense. I prepared 10 different questions to ask James to find out more about him. Robert was inspired to create the CHERUB series by his nephews’ complaints about the lack of anything for mac to read. It is a British spy association that works with kids between the ages of Red is a kid who is too young but still lives on campus.


See 2 questions about Mad Dogs…. Junior tries to persuade James to join him in the robbery of a travel agent, but James declines. I liked these types of books because action-packed books are very interesting and a fun read.

Nov 12, Jmaumill rated it really liked it Shelves: James and bruce combo are epic. He and his fellow group of spies must not blow his cover or get killed by the gangs.

Cherub: Mad Dogs by Robert Muchamore – review | Children’s books | The Guardian

Sep 06, Lauren White rated it it was amazing. Junior unsuccessfully robs the travel agent, and is arrested moments after leaving. The pacing felt like it dragged muhcamore specific sections in the story which diminished part of my experience. This time round, James is brought back early from a training exercise in order to use a contact from the past to help move on a pretty dangerous mission.

The first book will be called People’s Republic. Muchzmore daughter which they would release if he didn’t hurt Meatball. Now, James and Bruce started there high-risk mission on a drug group of people called Mad Dogs. He keeps the graphic content to a minimal for younger children, but writes it in a way you can picture it when your older. There are some great concepts and the characters are written really well.

Cherub: Mad Dogs by Robert Muchamore – review

But after the mission, James apologized to Dana and things were handled. Lauren James sister and Kyle one of James best mate and many kad of James friend where on a mission in order to get Mr.

After setting up a plan to in order to get James and Haley Mr.