Huang Han Xun. LUOHAN GONG. Shaolin Internal Training Set. ” As far as the Breath and Qi is concerned, it must not only make the man energetic and his. Revisión histórica del set ‘shiba luohan gong’ o ‘Qi-Gong de los 18 monjes iluminados’ perteneciente al estílo ‘Qixing TangLang Quan’ o ‘Mantis Religiosa de.

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All materials published on the website Kungfulibrary. We stand upright with legs closed. We then dissolve the posture sinking into the left leg and pulling the hands apart on stomach level like an arch again. Calming and deepening of the mind, strengthening of the intention Yi. His strength equals to 9 bulls plus 2 tigers.

We have already indicated that the origin of many martial arts systems is to be found in the changes suffered by the spiritual exercises that Bodhidharma taught to his disciples.

Then we sink into the right foot while lifting the left leg as well as reaching out with the left arm in front of luphan body, the palm facing upwards.

While doing so we shift our weight into the heals and lift the balls slightly. The fingers of the right hand are pointing toward the left elbow.

This, in outward appearance, a simple set of exercises is aimed at training the said cooperation. The Three Gates are physical energetic centers situated on the spine: In doing so we only put the outer edge of the foot down on the ground.

Then we change position to the other side. The Gates are also considered threshold from where the energy is impelled onto the next center in its upward or downward journey. It is also fundamental to mention the relationship of the breath and the mind.

LUOHAN & MARTIAL ARTS | Luohan Gong LUOHAN & MARTIAL ARTS | Exploring the World of Luohan Gong

Engaging these three gates in the right order assures a biodynamical movement that is relaxed, healthy and efficient in allowing the circulation of blood and energy. The restoration of QI circulation makes the blood system stronger and the flexibility of blood-vessels higher, as according to postulates of Chinese medicine ” QI guides blood “.


Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view or print our e-books. The reason for this, as we mentioned is to keep a relaxed movement that favors the free flow of blood and energy and avoid injuries.


As far as the Breath and Qi is concerned, it must not only make the man energetic and his movements nimble, permeate the four extremities and impregnate one hundred joints of the human body. The intelligent way the body is taught to stretch and move, coupled with the specific breathing patterns and the working of the mind are behind the extraordinary results that produces its practice. For years I have experienced its benefits and thousands of other people claim same results.

But any change also demands courage, discipline, perseverance, humbleness and determination: It is also important to examine the role that Chinese medicine attributes to the breath; according to it, human beings have two ways of obtaining energy: Sensibility is increased and reaction time is faster. Without breath, mind and energy control the martial arts remain a mere physical exercise and even as such it can never reach the highest level in actual application; that is combat. The Hands of the 18 Luohan teaches and trains the martial artists to use the breath, and the mind and to use his body correctly to maximize his physical strength as well as to develop his inner power Chi and to use and to guide this energy to generate tremendous power in his strikes, blocks or kicks; but above all it teaches the martial artists the beauty, unity and harmony within and without.

If breath control is important in energy control, so is mind control; the most powerful tool to energy Empowerment. Thereafter we finish the exercise and turn back to the starting position.

This is a key point of Qigong and Chinese martial arts.

In this age of information, when one has access to such a diversity of information and knowledge, it is very important to understand that Luohan Gong is not just another exercise to be introduced to the West. We hold this position for some seconds. Opening of the joints — increases the Qi flow. Bodhidharma conceived these exercises to strengthen the body to withstand the countless hours of sitting meditation but also, understanding the key role the spine plays in the energetic mechanism of the body, the practice of Luohan Gong was also to serve as a spiritual practice, a moving meditation that drained the meridians and moved the energy through the different channels found in it.

That contains the mental aspect of training.

During its practice, the muscles of legs, back, shoulders and arms are stretched and thus the martial artist learns to gain those few more inches that are crucial in an encounter. Now luohah palms turn again and face upwards on face level. We do not share your credit card information with anyone, not even the supplier of the product that you are purchasing.


Luohan Gong

However, if you start to master one exercise after another by stages and gradually increase the time for training sessions you will soon feel positive changes in your body. All this energy that has been developing finds a further push by the action of the shoulders. Extension is another of the qualities of the good fighter. luoban

Thereafter we turn the hands once again and press the left side while shifting weight. Nurturing of the organs. Now we sink into the left leg while pulling gon arms apart on stomach level — in an arch-like movement and with a slight tension — and lifting the left leg significantly.

For the martial artist this means that he will not stop after one punch is blocked but that he will continue without stopping to punch, block and kick without intervals, as continuous, as immediate, as the sounds that comes when the hands clap. He must reach his opponent and The Hands of the 18 Luohan is an extremely effective method to learn extension.

For the spiritual seeker his enemies are inside, to overcome his own faults and shortcomings, for the other it is to prevail over others.

THREE GATES | Luohan Gong THREE GATES | Exploring the World of Luohan Gong

Then we close legs and turn back to the centre. The tremendous results obtained through its regular practice has rendered it an indispensable training tool and thus the secrecy that has surrounded it. He had ligaments made of copper and skeleton made of iron. Now we repeat the exercise in the other direction, in total each side 3 times. Luohan forms part of Wai Dan — lohan outer elixir.

A martial artist in the traditional sense from Mars the god of war is a soldier; a spiritual soldier whose real objective is to fight the evils of ignorance, desires, anger, envyegoism, etc.