Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Locknetics Electromechanical Power Bolt Lock at Read honest and unbiased . The PowerBolt is a mortise, right with the HDB herculite door • FAX: • Visit us on the Internet at The PB PowerBolt is a mortise, right angle deadbolt with a” bolt and a” throw. It is available fail-safe PB or fail-secure PBS. PowerBolts install.

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For inswinging door applications. Entry buzzer, FSE only when required Locknegics The Modular Home Series www. There are 4 different levels of certification depending on the solution type.

LOCKNETICS Electromechanical Locks – Mayflower …

See the current capacity chart for Schlage Locknetics locking devices on page I7. Thin, flexible polyvinyl chloride PVC laminate.

No network wiring is required. EL panics require PCB minimum. Specify for to work with 55 rim exit devices, available at no additional charge. LockElectromechanicalLocknetics electromechanical locksLocknetics.

Custom applications include turnstile type doors. When the touch bar is depressed, the loc,netics sounds to provide an audible means of signaling that the opening has been violated. Coverage is dependent upon mounting height and pattern angle. An additional external loop-back test allows for the reader outputs and inputsto be verified without the use of additional test equipment.

High quality M-JPEG images may be downloaded separately if required for evidential or archiving purposes. Key retracts latch bolt. It also eliminates high rekeying costs associated with lost, stolen or non-returned keys. These controllers are managed by Schlage Security Management System software, so the same software that programs CT and CT Universal controllers can also lockentics your door and perimeter access trim locking systems. Select Computer Programming Accessories 2.


While the exit device is still a means of egress, the ALK kit contains an internal horn. Advances in design provide low operating temperatures, making this Shear Lock suitable for use in the growing demand for concealed locks in wood frames. Security — Over billion unique codes locknerics. Its ease of use and reliability have made the HandKey the biometric standard for the access control industry. You can define the archiving process based on file size, days elapsed, or the day of the month.

Recommended with zero clearance conditon lockneticd top of door and ceiling. RX monitors the touchpad and is locknettics standard. Unit mounts in a standard single gang electrical box.

Locknetics Product Catalog |

The Series Mini Station Control is mounted in a mini aluminum box, 2″ x 2″ x 1″. Field Reversible levers – Screws: Housing The housing is a rugged, off-white color, molded polymer, with a locmnetics gauge aluminum faceplate. The horn is triggered when the red indicator lamp is illuminated, signaling an alarm condition. The Series provides a built in battery charging circuit as a standard feature.

The lower cost of the HandKey II now makes the choice even easier. Required for programming with this software – If offline locking system programming is done with an IR approved PDA device, the following is required: JB7 Junction box only.

When unlocked, the door remains latched, preserving the fire rating of the door and making it particularly useful where codes permit locking, but require unlocking during a fire emergency. Blank inserts can be removed for easy field installation. Long life — Passive, no-battery design allows an infinite number of reads.


A5-A7 Wireless Status Monitor. Universal controllers can be programmed and audited by the offline interface ports on the various reader and keypad models available from Schlage Locknetics. To provide unparalleled value with the least amount of disruption, refer to the illustration below to select the Schlage Wireless Access solutions for your next installation.

Use to egress swinging or sliding doors that are electrically or electronically locked. Alternate Action and Narrow Pushbutton Stile configurations are available.

The central computer handles all hand template management automatically, allowing supervised enrollment at any reader and system-wide deletions. Select Key Cylinder Option 5. Safe School locks include an intruder function which allows teachers and administrators to quickly secure their classrooms from the inside without exposing themselves and their students to potential dangers which may exist out in the hallway.

SS mortise lock devices are furnished with both signal switch device and SS mortise lock, total of four switches.

Low Cost System cost is competitive with card reader systems. Access Control Fast Verification time is typically one second. This feature minimizes the potential for damage to the lock when unauthorized entry is attempted. This feature is desirable in applications requiring monitoring of security conditions or delayed egress.