Provides music for clarinet exercises designed to improve one’s breathing, finger position, evenness, Clarinet method, Book 2. Front Cover. Leon Russianoff. Clarinet method by Leon Russianoff, September , Schirmer Books edition, Paperback in English. Clarinet Method: Bk. 1 by Leon Russianoff, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Clarinet Method

If, and I take this to be one of your points, some people overvalue the worth of these publications for whatever reasons, history may level things out over time. I seem to remember this coming up a few years back when the Copyright Acts were changed to benefit the holders.

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The Clarinet BBoard

Every student didn’t have to play the same way on the same equipment or the same reed or the same embouchure or the same anything. But, in the meantime, it remains a good idea to read, and encourage others to read, in order that we can understand more about the clarinet and its playing.

Comments and reviews What russianiff comments? Far too often I methof it told that We need maintain an “open mind” as he did by his devotees, and then guided to rush out and hoard his books. We have some with knowledge of that realm here on the BBoard; perhaps they can be questioned to assist when necessary.

By asking what I did I was not attacking, but attempting to elicit a questioning view in others when approaching a methodology to a subjective rssianoff as codified by another.

The Most Advanced Clarinet Book | Book| Austin Macauley Publishers

Subject Headings Clarinet Methods. You had me excited though. His written “lectures” also speak of said matters, yet ultimately in a precise language of mathematics.


But you ask a few questions that seem to stray from the notion of context and go towards the question of authorship and intention and that’s what I would like to address. In science this is exemplified by Richard Feynman who was an amazing teacher to have by mfthod accounts lson ones physics degree.

They should have realised that they were writing a book and not a billet-doux. Apparently nothing came of it, probably, as msloss says, because of the copyright clearing problems. I suspect that the 5 volume edition was probably never actually produced as anything other than a very limited run of perhaps a handful off copies, just to satisfy the requirements of Masiellos degree. It is one of the FEW if not the only method that stresses exercises, scales, technique, clarinet fundamentals, etc As you stated, and you do have the first-hand knowledge that I lack, you had to be there to benefit from his work as he taught every student differently.

If open minds can’t take things in and make judgements about them then maybe they are not all that they are talked up to be. This metod for the writings of any Golden-Calf, not just Leon Russianoff, may he rest in peace. But if these teachers didn’t write books, those of us not fortunate enough to have known them personally would be missing mefhod. Advanced Book Search Browse by Subject. They read and take note or they read and ignore.

It may seem these two things are self-reliant, or ultimately one in the same thing. You may find libraries near you which have copies at this URL. More tools Find sellers with multiple copies Add to want list.

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Nice, funny guy, and one who was open to a lot of different ideas. The Clarinet Doctor by Howard Klug.

The Most Advanced Clarinet Book

There’s a copy on. That you assert I hold the view one should not read the works of any “Master” is a bit insulting, or speaks to a misunderstanding of what I said at the very least. I have the first volume of the Russianoff.


Yet, the description of him as the “open” minded teacher by his studentsand being told by some of his blind devotees to have an “open mind” are two quite differing things.

Advertising and Web Hosting on Woodwind. His shop in NYC was in an “interesting” place. Perhaps you should write your own version of the Russianoff including non-copyright excerpts et cetera? That’s what made him such a great teacher.

Service Instrument repairs, restorations, adjustments, and overhauls. La Trobe University Library. With this notion in mind, why did he publish a methodology as such? These 3 locations in All: It may never have been actually in print at all, if just the existence of the license was sufficient to satisfy the University requirements. That is in no way the intent of what Russianofff said as you have misinterpreted, incorrectly, what I wrote.

University of Western Australia Library. Methodd is it for accomplished players to become even better with practice?

Schirmer Books ; London: Let us know the results you should have better access to whoever handled the estate than us if you’re who you actually represent yourself to be. I do indeed have them. In the world of instruction, where teaching at a distance can cause meghod stress or harm, “context” is important.

Edith Cowan University Library. I apologize but a context is needed at times.