The Switchman: Juan José Arreola: “El guardagujas” (“The Switchman”) is Arreola’s most anthologized piece. It is without question his most representative. taken there, don’t you agree?” “Most people would say you are right. Over at the inn you can talk to people who have. The Switchman1. Juan José Arreola. http://www.

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El gato y la luna. In areas where no rails exist, passengers simply wait for the unavoidable wreck. El blog de Negra y Criminal. Dexter Gordon en el Montmartre de Suba usted al tren con la idea fija de que va a llegar a T. Todo un lado de los vagones se estremece lamentablemente con los golpes que dan las ruedas sobre los durmientes. The old man then dissolves in the clear morning air, and only the red speck of the lantern remains visible before the noisily approaching engine.

Yo debo llegar a T. Invitan a los pasajeros a que desciendan de los vagones, generalmente con el pretexto de que admiren las bellezas de un determinado lugar. The details of the story do not really support his claim that he is indeed an official switchman, so it may be that his tales represent a system that presents absurdity as an official truth and relies on the gullibility of the audience.

Para regular la guardagujss a bordo de los vagones demasiado repletos, la empresa se ve obligada a echar mano de ciertos expedientes. The absurd human is one who recognizes a lack atreola clear purpose in life and therefore resolves to commit himself or herself to the struggle for order against the unpredictable, fortuitous reality he or she encounters.

It guardagujs that, although an elaborate network of railroads has been planned and partially completed, the service is highly unreliable. The switchman then tells a story of certain train rides when the trains arrived at impossible locations. Retrieved from ” https: Notas para lectores curiosos.


Carmen y amig s. The switchman turns to tell the stranger that he is lucky. Like most of Arreola’s stories, The Switchman’ can be interpreted in a variety of ways—as an allegory of the pitfalls of the Nuan train system, arfeola existential horror story of life’s absurdities and human limitation, and the author’s desire to laugh in spite of the insanities of the world and human interaction.

El metge, de Noah Gordon. In some cases, new towns, like the town of F. Another episode involves a trainload of energetic passengers who became heroes absurd heroes in Camusian terms when they disassembled their train, carried it across a bridgeless chasm, and reassembled it on the other side in order to complete their journey. Paisaje de invierno, de John Berryman. Descontexto Editores, Santiago de Chile, Comentarios de la entrada Atom. Compran un boleto para ir a T.

En otras palabras, al subir a un tren, nadie espera ser conducido al sitio que desea.

Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia. En ocasiones, estos trenes forzados recorren trayectos en que falta uno de los rieles.

As demonstrated by its numerous iuan, “The Switchman” is fraught with ambiguity. Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia. As the man speculates about where his train might be, he feels a touch on his shoulder and turns to see a small old man dressed like a railroader and carrying a lantern.

Girl Genius for Monday, December 31, In one case, where the train reached an abyss with no bridge, the passengers happily broke down and rebuilt the train on the other side. The stranger wants to know if a train going to T.

The story, first published as “El guardagujas” in Cinco Cuentos inis translated in Confabulario and Other Inventions Hay estaciones que son pura apariencia: The switchman’s anecdote about the founding of the village F, which occurred when a train accident stranded a group of passengers—now happy settlers—in a remote region, illustrates the element of chance in human existence.


The Switchman

Briefly summarized, “The Switchman” portrays a stranger burdened with a heavy suitcase who arrives at a deserted station at the exact time his train is supposed to leave.

The switchman tells the stranger that the inn is filled with people who have made that very same assumption, and who juam one day actually get there. A lei de Lem. He feels that those with authority create absurd laws and conditions in their domain, and their subjects often willingly accept these absurdities, much like ordinary train passengers.

Me gusta que no abandone usted su proyecto.

The railroad company occasionally creates false train stations in remote locations to abandon people when the trains become too crowded. Instead, they resembled the work of writers like Franz Kafka and Albert Camus and their examination of the human condition.

The Switchman – Wikipedia

DscnTxt Editores, Santiago de Guatdagujas, Blogger Templates by Blog and Web. The stranger argues that he should be able to go to T.

As the stranger is very interested in this, the switchman once again encourages the stranger to try his luck, but warns him not to talk to fellow passengers, who may be spies, and to watch out for mirages that the railroad company generates.

Thus, the stranger’s heavy suitcase symbolizes joee burden of reason he carries about, and the inn resembles a jail, the place where others like him are lodged before setting out on life’s absurd journey.