Not only in the structures by which it seeks to comprehend the universe, but also in the structures of the science itself, astrology is remorselessly hierarchical. An extracted chapter from John Frawley’s classic book ‘The Real Astrology’, in which he explores the philosophy of electional astrology and demonstrates its. John Frawley has recently published his third book The Horary Textbook – sure to be an international best seller. His first book, The Real Astrology, received.

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This statement, so stressed by the traditional authorities, seems to the sceptical modern as a ‘get-out frawleu but it is an intrinsic part of the whole attitude, without which judgement is impossible.

More importantly, the earlier the coronation was held the closer was Mercury to the Sun, keeping the country Mercury under the power of the monarch Sun.

The match was a goalless draw – the chart didn’t have quite the grid-locked feel that goalless joohn often have, but certainly had no clear suggestion of either side coming out on top.

January 15th, I expected mass adulation Q: Of all the forms of traditional astrology, wstrology is horary that falls most strangely on the modern ear. I cannot make head nor tail of what happens on Saturday.

Electional Astrology by John Frawley

As always with an election, his two constraints are the possibilities of the natal iohn with which he has to work and the practical time-frame within which the event must take place. With the idea of ‘malefic’, there is, of course, the sense that ‘what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger’, on some level or another.

And then progressing from there gradually studying more and more seriously. Also, all the classics say that the first jphn you do when you tell someone about their chart is to tell them when they’re going to die and you’re not allowed to do that! Finally, in this section, it must be said that since the republication of William Lilly’s classic text-book, Christian Astrologyinhorary, understood or misunderstood to varying degrees, has begun to establish a beachhead for itself in the modern world.


In the traditional cosmos, there is nothing random; there is no pure chance. In he encountered the work of 17th-century English astrologer William Lilly. Are you as one with Olivia Barclay on that because she seems to take Lilly almost as being the final arbiter? I’ve never been able to decide if it’s responsible for my good looks, my charm or my modesty.

He did not create anything of what followed, but by choosing an inceptional moment to take advantage of the prevailing conditions he enabled certain possibilities to flourish while other less desirable ones withered away.

How do you feel about your own 12th house north node? Bernadette Brady’s methods obviously work, but I can’t help thinking that her reasoning is flawed; I can’t accept the model of a castle siege, to be honest; I don’t think anyone really regards the Ashes as being a siege!

John Frawley born 16 May in London, England is a traditional astrologerwriter and educator, who has been noted for practicality and directness of approach, [1] a depth of scholarship, [2] and a provocative, challenging and witty style. Secondly, the more self-interest is set aside the truer the judgement will be. And they’ve both got very strong testimonies, in favour of both sides, which is unusual.

I may be naive enough to think that I can comprehend all the qualities of the situation through my own clear thinking; if I feel this is beyond me, I might choose to avail myself of the wider viewpoint offered by the stars.

It’s the worst of both worlds – a sun-sign column which is supposed to make specific predictions for players whose birth-charts I don’t have! It is well-written, easy to understand, and covers the topic of reception that has never before been explained so nohn.

John Frawley (astrologer)

And I don’t think there’s much point in someone spending an hour getting here, just to hear me say, ‘The answer is no! The differences – – far more plentiful and mostly far more subtle than these examples reveal –are directly pertinent to the question asked; thus also the differences in the astrological chart consequent upon these pertain to the judgement of that question.


For instance, just the other day someone asked me if his ex-employee was out to get him. So what comes from a different approach, and what just comes from greater maturity it’s difficult to tell.

This Saturn influence makes it comparatively easy to get the focus I spoke of above: This only sketches it, however, so there may be more elsewhere. Many, many examples – medical diagnoses purely from the chart, confirmed weeks later by specialists who had previously been baffled; locating lost objects – and obviously this needs to be pretty exact: Also, the Sun on the Midheaven in the dates available gave a Gemini Ascendant and Sagittarius Descendant for the coronation chart.

The idea that a question can be asked, a chart of the stars drawn for that moment and the answer to that question deduced from what it shows, sounds bizarre. A birth-chart reading, for instance, may suggest that the native is likely to marry this year; it will not, however, say fradley Bill or Tom is the man in question, or that it is unwise to plan the reception outdoors because it is going to rain on that day.

The Horary Textbook

Each fixed star partakes of the nature of one or two of the planets, so if we must choose a time for marriage when Venus is weak, stars of Venus nature on the angles will work as well. If we wanted to label one specific cause, we could go maybe for the Reformation, which set Man above God, or possibly the printing press, with its consequent massive levelling down of intellectual standards. What you might regard as helping them is not necessarily helping them at all: Diane rated it really liked it Nov 09, I’m very careful to make it clear frwaley what I offer is just astrology.

All in all, though, this is a fabulous piece of work!