My Internship Report on SMBL Shikarpur Road Sukkur Branch by qazi_salu in Types > Research > Business & Economics. INTERNSHIP REPORT. ON. HABIB BANK LIMITED PAKISTAN. PREEDY GATE BRANCH BANNU. SUBMITTED TO: SIR AMAN ULLAH AWAN. DIRECTOR. In Government of Pakistan announced the privatization of HBL to Agha Internship Report on Banking Business Activities of Mercantile Bank Limited, Internship start and finish dates: 5th March – 30th April

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Credit Card is the loan facility which is given on only personal guarantee. Fixed deposit Internshi 3. Secondary functions including agency functions.

In developing countries like Nepal, these remittances noticeably exceed foreign direct investment FDI.

Despite the cut-throat competition in the Nepalese Banking sector, Himalayan Bank has been able to maintain a lead in the primary banking activities- Loans and Deposits. The Clearing House main activities can be summarized as the following: It bridges between importers and exporters. I have been faced some problems during the study which I am mentioning them. Reluctance to marketing campaign. Banker should consider the liquidity of the loan in the time of sanctioning it.

IFIC Bank Limited representative gives the cheque to the representative of respected branch on which cheque is made. Shareholder ratio EPS 4.

It opens new accounts, remit funds, issue bank drafts and pay orders etc. The report have the information about banks different department and product and services of the UBL. The Retail Bank would continue leveraging the branch network gaining market share across untapped sectors.

Internship Report on Himalayan Bank Limited – Internship Report

Our well established deal execution and distribution experience is evidenced by successful closure of over debt and equity transactions amounting to USD 14, million during — Files, registers, computer data. In case of DD issue a branch charges commission. They differ from their highest rated commercial banks only to a small degree. Passport size Photographs are required in this case and customer can only make the transaction personally. Although they have some limitations in their services, they are doing tremendous job for the economy.


CNIC is required in case off sole proprietorship and information of rsport persons are required who can be contacted in case of companies. If a customer is a salaried person then the bank issue credit card facility up to three times of his or her salary.

The banks play an important role in achieving balanced development in different regions to the less developing regions. In case there is more than one account applicant, fill in all the above mentioned information for other applicant as well. Periodicals published by Bangladesh Bank.

After the sanction advice, Bank will collect necessary documents charge documents. Scale down all the options suiting his investment or requirement and help him choose what is best for him. They are fast changing into global banking i.

The central bank of the country controls and regulates volume of credit through the active cooperation of the banking system in the country. Progress of this estimated institute could be measured in terms of deposits and number of branches opened. PLS account holders can directly pay Zakat from their accounts, if they are willing to.

The credit line proposal contains the following particulars: The RM should be the owner of the customer relationship, and must be to ensure the accuracy of the entire credit application submitted for approval. The organization should follow the degree performance evaluation system.

They do not submit all papers that required opening an account repkrt in future they do not feel any urge to submit reort papers, but already they become accounts holder. He prepares this report and submitted to the bank. Demand Draft means money transfer from one branch to another branch of the same bank. The licensed commercial banks according to the central bank of Nepal i.


The banks have different departments and each department play a major role in bank because it is the main source of obtaining the funds from the customers. In case of MT four 4 copies of vouchers are prepared. This is also a temporary advance connected with import, which is known as post import finance.

CC is a favorite mode of borrowings by traders, industrials etc. I have gained lot of experiences from the internship in HBL, which was my first experience in banking sector. Loans allowed to the manufacturing units to meet their working capital requirement, irrespective of their size big, medium or large, fall under category.

If the estimated value less than or equal to loan amount, the loan should be given against such securities.


IFIC Bank exercises its lending function only on productive purpose. There are four basic types of deposit are mainly used 1. Charges tend to differ for both customers but the advantage tend to be same.

Therefore the task of commercial banks in an under developed countries is almost self-evident. In TT, fund is transferred electronically on the same day or next working day or with a forward value date. In this report we discuss many things about bank like introduction, functions role of banking and also the information about UBL.