This manual may contain references to HP or Hewlett-Packard. Please note that Hewlett-. Packard’s former test and measurement, semiconductor products and. A. • Test frequencies – 10 kHz to 10 MHz. • Test signal level – 1 mV to 1 V rms. • % basic AUTO MANUAL DOWN UP. SELF. TEST The A operates over a frequency range of Hz to kHz ually or under HP-IB control. The HP A and HP A Multi-frequency LCR Meters, microprocessor- based impedance . Trigger: internal, external or manual. Measurement terminals.

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Residuals Present in Measuring Circuit As may be seen in the 427a5, a component may have different effective parameter values dependent upon its operating conditions.

The display format and annunci- ation meanings are illustrated in Amnual Set A controls according to Gen- eral Component Measurement procedure Figure steps 7 through The A Option adds an internal remotely controllable dc bias supply variable from. Test Signal Level Monitor Data 3 – Annunciation Display Meanings Sheet 1 of 2.

The differ- ence in measured values is related to the loss factor of the sample to be measured. Select desired measurement function, and test frequency. Trigger pulse width must be greater than 20us.

Change the last note on the page to np To reduce component lead impedance, make the lead length short by inserting leads deeply into test fixture. Stand-by battery for re- taining memory has become exhausted.

In this mode, data is outputted in the following format: Inductance, re- sistance or impedance can be measured by pressing L, R or Z] buttons as appropriate. The test frequency display is switched, in turn.

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When phase angle 6 changes, both Re and X change in accord with the definitions above. Fasten it to the rear panel with the two screws This figure appears when Memory Back- up Option is installed. Other detailed information for panel displays and controls Is covered in paragraphs and those which follow.

Internal function allowable subsets: Two A delta key functions excute capacitance, inductance, resistance, and impedance devia- tion measurements. When test cables are used in high frequency measurements, the displayed test voltage may have lesser accuracy.

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Sample value Range Mode Range Setting! D 2 is measured D value of sample tested. HP B Descri ption Test Mxnual direct attachment type for general measurement of both axial and radial lead components.

Install connector board assembly If the bias voltage across sample is not given sufficient time to settle, the displayed value may fluctuate or Err4 may be displayed. B-H Curve for Cyclic Magnetization. Accessories Supplied The measuring circuit for the de- vice to be measured maanual capable of both paral- lel and series equivalent circuit measure- ment.

The sequential diagnostic test is repeated after the Display Test. Available measurement range ffiiy be restricted an error message is dis- played on unuseable ranges. Add the following note: Specifications sheet 1 of 8.

Installation of Optionsand If the ship- ping container or cushioning material is damaged, notify the carrier as well as the Hewlett-Packard office, and be sure to keep the shipping materials for carrier’s in- spection until the contents of the shipment have been checked janual completeness and the instrument has been checked mechanically and electrically. A high level test signal is usually used for the measure- ment of general capacitors, resistors and certain kinds of inductive components which are normally operated at such high signal level.


Index of /~kurt/manuals/manuals/HP Agilent

Features Sheet 3 of 4. Ds is D value of known reference sample for extremely low loss references, Ds is zero. As the characteristic impedance of the test calbe is also a factor in the pro- pagation loss and phase shift and of result- ant measuremet errorusing different type test cables must be avoided.

Also, for inductors, the equivalent circuit can be deduced by a similar course of reasoning. The prefix is the same for all identical instruments; it changes only when a change is made to the instrument.

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For setting internal dc bias volt- age of A option or in three digits set into control switch. The A can be triggered by a. This obviates the inconvenience and necessity of employing instruments capable of taking meas- urements with the same equivalent circuit to assure measuronent manusl correspondence.

Minus – is displayed.


Note 1 When a caoacltance greater than O. Same as accuracy specifi- cations. General Component Measurements ‘sheet 2 of 3.