Descriptions and articles about the Indus Valley Bullfrog, scientifically known as Hoplobatrachus tigerinus in the Encyclopedia of Life. Includes Overview; C. Very bulky frog with long muscular limbs. Distinctly long and pointed snout. The eardrum is large. Back skin have many fold but less warts than Hoplobatrachus. Rana tigerina Daudin, “An. XI”, Hist. Nat. Rain. Gren. Crap., Quarto: Holotype: Animal figured on pl. 20, of the original; originally in MNHNP, now lost.

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Osilophus typhonius – Tschudi, Classif.

In the highly populated and diverse tropics, conservation in relatively pristine habitats is import Will find all uses of “. Forest edges, marshes, paddy and ponds in floodplains. Best supported on Google Chrome, Firefox 3.

Hoplobatrachus tigerinus – Indian Bull Frog – Amphibians of India

Oxyrhynchus typhonius – Jimenez de la Espada, Vert. Rana tigerina Barbour, Rana Fejervarya tigrina — Bolkay,Anat. Means that the results of the search must include both words held together by an AND. Euphlyctis tigerina Poynton and Broadley, They are black in colour on back, flat belly with tapering long tail.


In global consequences of rapidly changing climate and increased amphibian population decline, mapp Rana Dicroglossus tigerina tigerina – Dubois, Bull.

Rana tigerina Daudin, Turkey Frog Rana malabarica [no longer recognized]: Green or olive above, with dark spots; often a light vertebral line. Observation specific search options Observed during.

Interprets this as “Lithobates AND pipiens” so will return all records that have the character string “Lithobates pipiens” anywhere within a record: Glaw and Vences,Field Guide Amph. This study focuses on the assessment of the terrestrial vertebrate diversity of Guwahati.

Distinctly long and pointed snout. Describes average size, max, range; type of size perimeter, length, volume, weight Amphibian Species of the World 6.

Rana tigrina tigrina — Smith,Rec. During dry period a number of them may be found in the same hole.

Large species with pointed snout and very much similar to Hoplobatrachus crassus. A checklist tigerinuus amphibians of Kerala State is presented in this paper. Skin of back with longitudinal folds; a strong fold above the tympanum.

Articles with ‘species’ microformats. Rana tigerina Rana tigrina. A textual description of infra-ranks that is not necessarily structured.

Presentation on how to observe and identify frogs tigerinks Dr.

Local Distribution Asaam throughoutwhole Hoploatrachus. Local collection and trade, pollution, loss of breeding habitat. An aquatic frog found also in moist riparian areas; common in paddy fields. An inventory of amphibian and reptiles from the Barail Wildlife Sanctuary and its surroundi India nearly as long as the inner toe, strongly compressed, crescent shaped, shovel-shaped; no outer tubercle, a tarsal fold.


India Biodiversity Portal

Contact us to obtain large data downloads and access to bulk information from these websites for collaborative basic science and conservation research projects, or other purposes. Biodiversity Atlas – India is a species-based bioinformatics platform that is voluntarily supported by numerous organisations such as the National Centre for Biological SciencesIndian Foundation for ButterfliesDiversity Indiaand Titli Trust.

Rana Euphlyctis tigerina – Dubois, Monit. Allows a tigfrinus letter string to be entered and implies either no or various extension on this letter string. Interprets this as “Lithobates OR pipiens” so will find the union of all records that contain either “Lithobates” or “pipiens”: Archived from hoplobstrachus original on 18 December