Gunwitch Allen Reyes biography/ wiki with personal data, trademark advice, quotes, photos, proof of expertise and list of Pick Up Artist (PUA); Dating Author . List of ALL Gunwitch PUA MUST READ articles. Gunwitch PUA is a pick up artist of Dynamic Dating Sex Life. Read Gunwitch’s seduction articles here. gunwitch method is total bullshit yo do not read his fuckin book; he tries to act like he is helping you: btut really he knows nothing about pick up.

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Aaron Sleazy April 21, at 4: This is fucking sick and only makes the community look bad. Learn more about it here…. Give it time, the industry is like 6 years old or something.

Its primary focus is sexual state, and trust me, when you allow gunwjtch to feel horny around Gunwitch – This one is a bit, well a lot, long, ggunwitch well worth the read for bar and club oriented users of my methods. Allen Robert Reyes Nationality: The first title explains about the inner state of mind; on the other hand the second tells you about the deep insight of inner game; while the third lays more emphasis on the importance of dominance masculinity. Anonymous October 14, at 5: The use of psychological and sales techniques to gain initial feelings of rapport very similar to other methods widely known yet with an internal or method acting twist.


Brad, can you describe this “Alpha Male Frame” further?

As per Gunwitch, day game is all about igniting the feelings of sexual desire inside a woman without using the power of verbal communication. Discover how to bypass that and set up a stream of dates with gorgeous women in as little as 20 minutes a week.

Blackdragon, I didn’t know you had a blog. Sat Mar 14, 5: After I had read this part, I became rather reluctant to refer people to Gunwitch method. He took the name alias “Gunwitch” in the forums because of study of the placebo effects of Magick and Wicca pia a combined love of handgunning.

Seduction MMA Review – Is Gunwitch PUA Download a SCAM?

Also, getting a girl’s number oftentimes leads to a PUA ejecting too soon, expecting that he can just call her up sometime for a day 2.

Sat May 24, 4: Or is this forum just shying away from anything that might make it look bad? Select a forum Get Into The Game: Although this thread is dead, I want to bring it back to hear all of your opinions regarding the Gunwitch Method. The advice is very practical and applicable to everyone, even those living in small cities…. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

He’s trying to yunwitch your money?

gunwitch method is total bullshit – PUA Forum

MM was designed for supermodels and actresses, people who get guys directly flirting with them all the time. What does this have to do with him banging lots of chicks??? Yea he is some pick up artist alright, because I literally know hundreds of women who like to be talked to like that and even hundreds more who actually respond to it.


I’m glad you’re fighting the good fight, I’m just not sure where you’re going at this point. Previous topic Next topic. Gunwitch – There are many internal reasons I have found lately that a guy may not be getting the sex life he wants They dropped the attempted murder and assault 1, and kept only weapon charge on me because they had all the evidence, my criminal record which includes NO meth or drugs or crap like thatand gunwihch with multiple witnesses.

Seduction MMA Review – Is Gunwitch PUA Download a SCAM?

But what should they do? The Handsome Factor Do you think your “looks” keep you from getting laid?

Or is it a total scam? Gunwitch – There are 3 points in any given pick up that you will sometimes, not always, but usually have to have a great deal of persistence to get past.

Sat Mar 14, 8: Why do you think GWM is so little heard of? Okay Chief, I understand what you’re saying, but could you please justify Guniwtch absurd beliefs that I listed in my previous post?

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