Review. Girl in the Arena. by Lise Haines. Eighteen-year-old Lyn has lived her entire life in the world of gladiators, and this modern-day version. Uber enters the arena first to thundering applause. I’ve read in Sword and Shield that he rubs a quart of Glow on his skin before a match. Lyn is the daughter of seven neo-gladiators, the men her mother married, one after another, until each died in the arena for the pleasure of the.

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Lots of dashes instead of quotes. It’s so much of why I loved her. I’m going to need some alcohol and a few charts and diagrams firl bring you through this mother.

Very few, if any, of the people of Girl in the Arena are such simple creatures. After all, that’s what I want for myself and it’s what I want for my girls.


baines She is a girl of 17 or a little more, going up against the very muscular gladiator who killed her stepfather, one of the best. Every now and then in the Young Adult genre we have a break out success that spawns one hundred inferior copies.

I kept reading, even though it was so confusing hainez stupid and badly executed right from the beginning, because I was hoping it would get better. I liked Lyn a lot.


GIRL IN THE ARENA by Lise Haines | Kirkus Reviews

This book is way more contemplative than it sounds. This was not what I expected. And I realize that I’m right there, at the end of a perfect media moment. It’s an intriguing method but it felt snotty and pretentious and it was totally jarring in a lot of gil.

Thoughts on “Girl in the Arena” by Lise Haines

The rules help the family survive, tne rules—and the GSA—can also turn against you. They’ll become pathetic losers. After the father dies in the arena the ‘association’ he fights for strips the family of everything they own, house and all.

While the book by Suzanne Collins focuses about Katniss actually being in the arena, Girl in the Arena offers a more introspective view into how war and bloodshed affect the people outside of the action.

Lyn gives stepfather Tommy her Japanese dowry bracelet for luck, and when his opponent, known only as “Uber,” kills him, Uber takes the bracelet and wears it. Into the Gifl Blue. I wouldn’t say don’t read it.

Endure Defy, Book 3. I kept wondering what I could do to insure my girls wouldn’t grow up to be useless human beings like Bella Swan. Over the years I’ve read some heinous stuff, but I’ve also had the opportunity to read some truly beautiful literature.


I thought the idea was phenomenal. Also, the trick she’s trying to use a computational copy of herself to actually lize for her seems like an easy thr out of this story.

Thoughts on “Girl in the Arena” by Lise Haines

Why doesn’t she take her chances with him? Remind him constantly of his victories. All my reviews will probably contain spoilers. I looked forward to reading the story. As you can see by my example. This is a book about the daughter of 7 gladiators who is being pressured to be a gladiator’s wife and join glad culture.

Not any mothers I know. And that, my fellow GoodReaders, is when I started reading everything YA in pursuit of awesome books with really great protagonists. It contains a pretty solid message without being preachy. Especially when religion was in no way part of the equation. Not once did I think, “Yeah, okay, I can picture that.

But their time together is growing short as Tommy stares down the bullet of what he fears will be his last match.