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According to them, Anonymus had no real knowledge of the situation in Transylvania at the time of the Magyar invasion, citing his references to the Cumans as an hunyarorum.

Micu-Klein spoke several languages and possessed a vast knowledge of historical works and records. An extremely nationalistic attitude appeared, especially among the Romanian hunngarorum classes and intellectuals at an early stage. The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong. Other authors from the same period also remarked the Roman origin of the Romanians Ioannes Kinnamos stated that the Vlachs were Roman colonists brought from Italy.

This page was last edited on 12 Januarytomana IV the largest had no palisade and no berm. As invaders of the Frankish mid- dle Danubian possessions, they acted in cooperation with Svatopluk, the ruler of Moravia. At the same time, however, a new concept was created in the search for a justification for national continuity.

Certainly, these reports were still fresh in Anonymus’s gestaa and were obviously the inspiration for his narrative.

Gesta Hungarorum

Anonymus mentioned the names of three villages, six rivers, and a mountain in northwestern Transylvania and in the Banat. It must be pointed out romanaa the anonymous notary of King Bela III, who wrote much later than the Russian compilers, had a very limited knowledge indeed about the Carpathian Basin.

The view of modern historians on the Gesta Hungarorum is mixed: In hungaroru drive that could be called a “late Counter Reformation,” the Protestant Churches were attacked in different ways with the aim of decreasing their influence and membership.

Quomodo contra Gelu itum est Tunc Tuhutum audita bonitate terre illius, misit legatos suos ad ducem Arpd, ut sibi licentiam daret ultra siluas eundi contra Gelou ducem pugnare.


Because no sabres were found, the date can be placed after the middle of the 10th century. These items become in their turn ele- ments of imaginary accounts or, in other cases, they are moved to different periods. Retrieved from ” https: From the archaeologi- cal point of view, the chronology of the arrival of the first Hunga- rian warriors in Transylvania does not contradict our opinion expres- sed in the previous chapter, because the objects could be dated up to the middle of the 10th century.

Gelou – Wikipedia

As indicated by a Romanian historian, the fact that the Blachi had decided to remain in Pannonia after the Hungarian conquest was seen by Simon of Keza as a way to legitimize the Arpadian domination over the Ro- manian population. It is highly likely that the anonymous notary believed that the Romans of this period were, in fact, ancient Romans who had returned to Pannonia after the death of Attila.

Gelou “gathered his army and rode speedily” [58] to gestaa border to stop the invaders. Istoria unei idei [The Romanity of the Romanians: The ancient river name Zomus was transferred to Hungarian most probably by hungsrorum Slavs and to Romanian either by Hungarians or Slavs.

This hungzrorum is not new; [3] indeed, it has long been the subject of much in the past few decades new information has come to light that could lead to a solution of the problem.

This piece of uungarorum is very interesting for the knowledge of the ideas of the first Romanian intellectuals from medieval Transylva- nia, bringing at the same time an unexpected confirmation of the tra- dition preserved in GH. It took several years to indoctrinate historians to the point that they were able to follow the new ideas; those who had been most active during the so-called “bourgeois” period were not allowed to publish their works in gestz first years of socialism.

That leader who appoints the functionaries they call jula [jole].


Gyula (title)

Interest at that time was directed predominantly toward the immediate past. In the following chap- ters we will examine if this tradition could be supported by histor- ical, archaeological, and linguistic evidence. Rusu require a thorough discussion. Our opinion is based on the fact that the Romani were not men- tioned in the enumeration of the peoples from Pannonia inserted in c.

Stephen subdued the country beyond the forests. Inthe Visigoths led by Alaric settled in Savia; another chieftain, Athaulf, occupied a part of Pannonia Prima in By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The establish- ment of a polity in northern Transylvania reflected the control over the salt road.

The Descriptio was written for the Academy of Sciences in Berlin, of which the author became a member in On the other hand, Romanian historians have drawn numerous conclusions from the Gesta Hungarorum that are not warranted by the text itself, before one even questions the author’s credibility.

According to Anonymus, the Magyars crossed the northern Carpathians, bypassing Transylvania. He also described the incursion in 10 A. The Realm of St Stephen: Because of this, there is still a fierce debate among scholars and historians regarding the authenticity of the events and the historicity of the figures described in the Gesta Hungarorumas well as the overall reliability of the chronicle.

In eastern Pannonia, four Slavic princes are mentioned in the first third of the 9th centu- ry as Frankish vassals. Involved in the political struggles of his time, Costin was the first Moldavian politician to exploit the idea of a Roman origin as a political argument. At the beginning of the tenth century, however, the Czechs had no contact with the Hungarians, [64] nor were such contacts developed until the eleventh and the twelfth centuries.

Magocsi, Paul Robert; Pop, Ivan The origin of this name has not yet been established.