Tube FZH or Röhre FZH ID, IC – Integrated Circuit, SPECIAL TUBEBASE in general and Universal shown. Radio tubes are valves. Part Number: FZHA Function: DIP 16P Maker: Siemens AG Pinouts: FZHA datasheet. Description: Datasheet PDF Download. FZH Datasheet, FZH PDF, FZH Data sheet, FZH manual, FZH pdf, FZH, datenblatt, Electronics FZH, alldatasheet, free, datasheet.

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Symbols and terms used The logic symbol “operational amplifier” shows only signal inputs and outputs.

Moreover, the IC comprises a reference voltage from which all thresholds can be derived. The colour sync signal is not influenced by con- trast and saturation adjustment; it remains stable by means of the control voltage of TDA Engcomach Manila Saudi Arabia E.

Bending of the leads When bending, the leads must not be stressed between leads and case. Between pins 10 and 14 ground and between pins 12 and 14, a resistance of at least Q may be connected to increase the currents and therefore the conversion transconductance.

Datasheet archive on 17-10-2006

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. AQL-figures The AQL-figures define the maximum number of defective components up to which a ship- ment received must be fzhh111. By means of the variable base width, this stereo decoder is best suited for car radios. The input signals are suppressed at the outputs. Thus the case need not be held down while soldering. If pin 2 is open the diode current is 10 mA.



The integrated circuit TBA S is supplied in different groups. By selecting a memory, the respective operational amplifier is connected to the operating fxh111 sistance.

All usual logic dataasheet can directly be operated with only little additional circuitry. When switching voltage applied the emitter follower, BCon the output is blocked and the buffer stage, BCis switched on. Thereby the otherwise feared tendency of oscillating at low frequencies of the range of medium waves is disappearing. They are outstanding by reason their large common- mode vzh111 range and short circuit protection. It works according to a clocked regulation. Function As you see in the circuit diagram the TCA comprises two control loops independent of each other which are working on the prestage and the IF stages.

The integrated shutdown protects the IC from overheating. At the same time, a previously selected stage is reset via the coupling resistance R c which is common to all stages.

The size of the resistor is decisive for the diode current. In addition, these circuits contain a voltage stabili- zation and are especially well suited for an application in proximity switches, light beam- and other contactless switching applications. Solitary digital circuit T: It is zfh111 suitable for control systems as follow-up and adjusting control device with dead space.

For single performance, see TBA data sheet. The minimum soldering distance Dafasheet soldering J from case must be at least 1. They are outstanding by reason of their large common-mode and differential voltage range and short-circuit protection.

FZH Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

Quadruple in-line – For other variants the version letter has no fixed meaning, except the letter Z which stands fzhh111 types with customised wiring. With adequate external circuitry several IC’s can be connected in series. Former code First two letters: By means of the input OP, slight frequency corrections can be done according to the following formula so that height reductions are balanced. Any rzh111 of ad- justment, as for datashedt to 18 Fxh111, is enabled by suitable voltage dividers.


It is practically independent of temperature and supply voltage. When using rapidly rising motors, the preload circuitry reduces an overrun. At high values of generator resistance I lo can cause diffi- culties Fig. The TDA offers provisions for the feeding of an amplitude indicator, either positive or negative going mono-stereo voltage, AFT output push-pull-current output with automatic switch-off, squelch adjustable for more than 40 dB range of input signal and depending on detuning.

Figure 6 shows an application circuit forfilamental lamps or LED’s as indicating elements. Each stage can be selected with very low current. If a phototransistor is used, the diode current is additionally controlled by ambient dtasheet. Figure 3 shows the dimensions of the operational amplifier and the current source as well as the test circuit used for the drift tests carried out. These amplifiers are especially well suited for piezoelectric microphones in telephone sets.