FR A720 11K PDF

Kitoma Indonesia – Mitsubishi Inverter Freqrol FR-AK. FR-A Series. FR -AK; FR-AK; FR-AK; FR-AK; FR-AK. Find great deals for 1pc Mitsubishi Fr-ak FRAK One Year. Shop with confidence on eBay!. FR-AK or higher, FR-AK or higher. 1)Remove the upper screws. 2) Remove the lower screws. 3)Pull the jumper toward you to remove. 4) Connect.

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Screen at power-ON The monitor display appears. Page Output frequency Hz frequency Pr. Parameter setting, change and check can be made from the operation panel FR-DU Before starting operation, always recheck the following items.

A270 Terminal Terminal Rated Refer to Description Symbol Name Specifications page External Connect this terminal to the power supply common terminal of a transistor transistor output open collector output device, such ffr a common programmable controller, in the sink logic to avoid malfunction by Power supply sink undesirable currents. CL Faults history clear. Causes and corrective actions 2 Warning When the protective function is activated, the output is not shut off.

Page of Go. Wiring Of Control Circuit Wiring 2. PM sensorless vector control specification Item Specification Sensorless vector control Control method Low-speed range: Check First When You Have A Trouble Check first when you have a trouble Check first when you have a trouble Refer to troubleshooting on page 80 speed control in addition w720 the following check points.


Mitsubishi Inverter Freqrol FR-AK

Page Applied motor Pr. If the fault does not correspond to any of the following faults or if you have any other problem, please contact your sales representative. Page 96 – Setting the frequency by analog input v Before operation 2 Setting 1 Select the Advanced magnetic flux vector control, Real sensorless vector control or vector control.

Page 54 Precautions for use of the inverter 13 Provide electrical and mechanical interlocks for MC1 and MC2 which are used for bypass operation. Use the life check function as a guidance of parts replacement.

RS 0 to 31 same specifications as Pr. Offline auto tuning for an IPM motor motor constant tuning Pr.

Page 92 – Setting the frequency by analog input v This inverter can perform simple position feed by contact input, position control by inverter simple pulse input, and position control by FR-A7AL pulse train input. Lihat Peta Lebih Besar. This manual also for: Page Page Page – Appendix 4 Instructions for compliance w Selecting the parameter number Turn Lit to indicate PU operation mode. Lit when forward rotation REV: The use of FR Configurator simplifies parameter management allowing the user to upload, download, document and save the FR-A parameters.

Causes And Corrective Actions Causes and corrective actions 4.


Enter text from picture: Page 59 – Monitoring of output current and output Page 86 Before 1k 5 When using a multi-pole motor 8 poles or more Specially when using a multi-pole motor with more than 8 poles under Real sensorless vector control or vector control, adjust Pr.


Page 66 – Increasing the starting vr Pr. Page – Appendix 5 Compliance with the Radio Wav Mitsubishi Electric offers a complete suite of automation products. Page Low-speed range torque characteristics Pr.

Follow the following procedure to change the setting for the PM sensorless vector control. Holding time at a 0. Also See for FR-A The following parameter setting values are added for 0V voltage calibration of high speed analog output. Set the EMC filter valid. Plug-in option sscnet iii communication function 86 q720. Untuk informasi lebih lanjut silakan hubungi bagian Marketing kami, kami senang untuk membantu: This Instruction Manual Basic provides handling information and precautions for use of the equipment.

Operation mode change Press to choose the PU operation mode.

Refer to page 9. Do not connect the power cable to incorrect terminals.

Refer to page 4 for selection. The wiring length should be m maximum for vector control.

Mitsubishi Electric FR-A720-0.4K Instruction Manual

Page 51 – Connection of power regeneration convert A20 current monitor Output voltage monitor When the initial value Pr. Check first when you have a trouble Refer Check Possible Cause Countermeasures points page During the External operation mode, check the method of was pressed.

Off Number Value Range: Check first when you have a trouble 4.