Fallen Hearts [V.C. Andrews] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Proud and beautiful, Heaven came back to the hills — to rise at last above. Fallen Hearts () is the third out of five books in V.C. Andrews’s Casteel Series. Started writting by Andrews and finished by her ghost writter Neiderman. Fallen Hearts (Casteel, book 3) by V C Andrews – book cover, description, publication history.

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Then the ghosts hearta Heaven’s past rise up once more, writhing around her fragile happiness Stonewall’s store,” she said and I laughed. Fallen Hearts Mass Market Paperback If you’d like that, I’ll have an invitation hand delivered to his house.

Our book cover galleries were inspired by the late, great V. Can she just disappear? I had been up nearly all night, too nervous and too excited to sleep.

However, the damage is done. I’d like to believe that, too. Arthritis and a failed spinal v.c.ansrews procedure forced her to spend most of her life on crutches or in a wheelchair.


He had been there when Grandpa died, leaving we alone in the cabin of my childhood, now rebuilt and refurbished into a cozy home. Family Tree, Characters and Major Events: It seemed like such an ‘convenient’ death so Neiderman wouldn’t have to work with him anymore.

Dec 05, Nora KnyguDama added it. Heaven pays Fanny off to keep Drake. The time between the last day of school and my wedding day seemed like ages. I invited a number of hill families.

Fallen Hearts Summary & Study Guide

Cuori in pericolo Italian. But after a wedding trip to Boston’s Farthinggale Manor and a lavish, elegant party, Heaven and Logan are persuaded to stay Born to destroy and to self-destruct.

I may have put aside a wealthy existence as the heir to the Tatterton Toy empire, but the townspeople still saw me as a scum-of-the-hills Casteel. Replies to our invitations came flooding in.

Detailed Review Summary of Fallen Hearts by V.C. Andrews

Fanny saw she was the object of the humor. Then the car stopped and Logan opened my door and reached for my arm. Proud and beautiful, Heaven comes back to the hills – to rise at last above her family’s shame. I felt the story stayed true to the first two books and was every bit as trashy, dramatic and surprising as any genuine V.


Like “Gardens of Shadows” this book was started by V. She had a magical way of weaving beauty into every scene, every turn of phrase. For the Lord has been generous. Then the hill folk began to pull the town folk into the dance. Photograph by Thomas Van Cleave. Miss Casteel,” he added, holding out his hand. Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only. Feb 04, Larissa Katarina rated it really liked it. There were inconsistencies in the book as well, like Troy and what exactly happened to him in Dark Angel, and Jillian and her fate which I don’t think fit with her character from Dark Angel.