Evertz Microsystems expressly prohibits the use of this manual for any purpose other than the operation of the MVP™ and MVP Maestro™. Due to on going. Updated manual corresponding to Firmware/Maestro release .. C:\ Program files\evertz\VIP\Maestro\systems (default VIP Maestro installation folder). 2. Evertz Microsystems Ltd. MVP server and Maestro software Highest quality multi- image outputs: Most control environment using Evertz Maestro software.

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Design Canvas View Tool Bar: Matched descriptions to Maestro v1.

Option to load a previously created preset; this option opens a dialogue window from which a preset can be selected. Properties presented for objects on design canvas. Define trigger setup for UMD. CaptionWare is the replacement to the x Configware application. This setting applies both a latch and exclusive behavior Maestro – 16 Revision 1. Monitor Object Property Window If the plug provided does not fit into everrz outlet, consult an electrician to replace the obsolete outlet.

Option to select all window elements in the Design Canvas page view. This chapter describes the eevertz and features of the Maestro graphical design client. Window Parameter Right-click Menu Options When selecting a window from the Canvas page view, then right clicking, the menu to the left appears with the following options as illustrated in Figure System Configuration Window Resolution View 1.

Drag and drop headphones used to select an input to monitor audio.

  AR 6701-1 PDF

Always use LTC time for time of day reference, the system clock reference is not a valid source of accurate time and can not be used if recalling layouts from DCP or GPI, etc. Place a check next to audio fault to be used to trigger fault message. View source input spigot alphanumeric. View source virtual number.

Save As Video Redirect Target: Set the color and opacity of the text used in the fault message.


Change border colour of monitor object. Set timer stop time.

All fields are required. Set the alignment for the text message on the UMD. Resolution View – Advanced Setup Configuration: The analog clock shares similar properties as the evwrtz clock. Contact Us for more information.

MAGNUM Multiviewer

The VIP-X can be tailored for all control room signals and budget requirements. A Global Preset load is a feature similar to a macro which allows you to make several specific display preset loads under a single double click. Maestro – 34 Revision 1.

Use the Properties window to configure the size, colour, turn scales on and off and set orientation of level bar. Maestro – 14 Revision 1. Global Preset Setup Form Address and name sort.

Servicing is required when the apparatus has been damaged in any way, such marstro damage to the power-supply cord or plug, contact with liquid or any object small enough to enter the apparatusexposure to rain or moisture, drop damage, or upon experiencing any abnormal operation. Utility to add additional systems to configuration screen.


Preset Save and Save As options. Setup video route function.

MVP® – Multi-Image Display & Monitoring System

Most advanced scaling technology The VIP-X eliminates system complexity, saves space and is more economical compared to the traditional autonomous solutions.

Maestro – 20 Revision 1. Use of unshielded plugs or cables may cause radiation interference. After adding the status item click on the object to reveal available configurations in the Properties Window. Use Properties window to configure the size, colour, and turn scales on and off.

Arrange Sources View Device Address: Add a fault message to video object. From the Objects window, create a new 4: No part of this publication may be reproduced without the express written permission of Evertz Microsystems Ltd.

View Menu View Go Back: Tools Menu View Dynamic Sizing: The reset button unselects all selected triggers. Use the edit button to re-name input labels in Maestro. Monitor Objects components diagram Maestro – 26 Revision 1. Clean only with a dry cloth. This is typically the case in systems where there is greater than 2 display cards. Digital Clock Object Property Sheet Status window that displays ARC data. When loading a previously created preset, it must have been created for the VIP.