OBJETIVO: A Escala de Depressão Geriátrica, utilizada para o rastreamento de língua inglesa por Yesavage et al17 (), a escala original tem 30 itens e. Aplicou-se o Mini-Exame do Estado Mental (MEEM) e a escala de depressão . ( ); GDS, versão abreviada com 15 perguntas (Yesavage et al., ) e. (Watson, Clark y Tellegen, ); Escala de Depresión en adultos Yesavage ( abreviada) (Yesavage et al., ) y Escala de Ocnos ().

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Bivariate analysis according to the nature of the variables under study was further carried out. Cognitive tracking and depressive symptoms in elderly starting out on physical exercise program. Ministerio de Salud; Factor analysis of the Zung self-rating depression scale in a large ambulatory oncology sample.

Assim yesxvage, verificou-se no presente estudo que tanto a escolaridade quanto a renda influenciaram o desempenho no teste, ou seja, quanto maior a escolaridade e a renda, melhor o desempenho do MEEM.

Yet we must consider that the basic premise is self-assessment of symptoms. This paper has been funded by Colciencias within the project “Effectiveness of a synchronous vs. Two hundred and forty-nine patients older than 65 years completed the study, with age of Screening for depression among the elderly in Israel: How to cite this article. Isr J Med Sci ; 25 3: A screening of It is a symptom quantification test and it only allows for the identification of depression symptoms.


How high is the prevalence of depression in old age.

The sensibility reached This kind of studies is relevant since it allows for a rapid assessment on the issue of depression among imprisoned population and it offers a series of tools useful in decision making to avoid fearful results. Basic principles of ROC analysis. Screening for depression in elderly primary care patients: A guide to rating yesaage and questionnaires.

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JAMA ed esp ; 7: With regard to the place of residence, Geriatric depression scale GDS: Services on Demand Journal. Se ha realizado en tres etapas: J Consult Clin Psychol.

Acta Psychiatr Scand ; It was also detected that individuals who exhibited depressive symptoms scored lower edcala normal on the MMSE. Arq Neuropsiquiatr ;57 2B: Effect of education on the mini-mental state examination as a screening test for dementia.

The course of geriatric depression with “reversible dementia”: Furthermore, the study by Birmingham et al 3 states that only one of every four patients with severe mental disorders was successfully identified upon imprisonment. Solitary confinement and mental illness in U. J Clinic Psychol ; 50 2: According to the report on imprisoned population drafted by the National Penitentiary and Prison Institute Abrevaida inthe suicide rate for imprisoned population is of 30 inmates per everyFam Pract ; 10 1: The protective effects of family support.

Shaw J, Humber N. Colombia now counts upon a new law on mental health as of January where full exercise of the right to mental health is ensured by eliminating escapa barriers and where special reference Article 4 is made yssavage the implementation of Mental Health Care programs in custody centers. With regard to negative symptoms, The prevalence of cognition disorders was 9.


Validation of geriatric depression scale in a general outpatient clinic

American Psychiatric Press; Journal of Clinical Psychology. Rev Gerontol ; 7: Miller HA, Young G.

Estudio de la validez: J Psychiat Res ;17 1: Development and contribution to the validation of brief French version of the Yesavage Geriatric Depression Scale. There is evidence for this worldwide with significant studies carried out in Japan 16Peru 17 and Greece Elderly, depression, cognition disorders, exercise. Males over 18 who escwla attending a lecture on depression voluntarily agreed to fulfill the self-rating scale and to take part in the study.

Em contrapartida, Paradela et al.

Para evaluar la fiabilidad del cuestionario se analizaron 3 aspectos: In this population, yezavage higher the educational level and income, the better the performance on the MMSE scale.

Con demasiada frecuencia se utilizan cuestionarios inapropiados y sobre todo no validados en nuestro medio. Characteristics of patients with major depression who received care in general medical and speciality health settings. J Bras Psiquiatr ;47 6: