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Gao Xingjian is a Chinese-born novelist, playwright, critic, and painter. The novel I was torn between giving this 3 stars, but just couldn’t. As I sit at my desk typing this out, there’s a man thousands of miles away locked up somewhere in the darkest recesses of China’s prison system, silently keeping tabs on the days that morph into months and the months that morph into years.

After reading a few pages, I looked up a few reviews and found some really ho,bre, especially in comparison to Soul Mountain which led to his Nobel prize.

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In the intimate xolo of a sexual encounter, Gao revisits the central moments of his life, traveling, in memory, to the Beijing of his childhood, a childhood scarred at the age of ten by his mother’s accidental drowning. All this together made for a really enjoyable reading experience and I think a fine book that leaves the reader with a lot to think about.

I was torn between giving this 3 stars, but just couldn’t. Couple that with the deep spirituality evinced in ‘Soul Mountain’ and you get perfect Nobel candidature. But in addition to being deeply cathartic, this is also a homage to the resilience of the human spirit and its capacity to resist the forces of political oppression.

Planeta- Self-Help – pages. Quotes from One Man’s Bible.

El Libro de Un Hombre Solo (English, Spanish, Paperback)

The rambling in between the actual story left me not perplexed about the essential meaning of life or politics. Second is in how he strives to create atmosphere. El pasado y el presente se mezclan en la historia de este escritor, chino, que vive, por lo que se supone, en el exilio. I imagine the Nobel committee recognised him because he gave voice to a period of oppression, much like Solzhenitsyn.


L’autore, Nobel per la letteratura nel con La montagna dell’animanarra in forma romanzata la sua vita in Cina durante la Rivoluzione Culturale e le esperienze successive, fino all’espatrio. Xingian’s protagonist craves living in a peasant village, just to have a little space. Diverting and compelling, but really, Soul Mountain overtops this easily for me. There is, of course, an irony here precisely because “One Man’s Bible” is an act of memory, so much like other accounts of the Cultural Revolution.

El libro de un hombre solo.

Y esa es la gran belleza de El Libro de un hombre solo, que, reflejando hasta hacernos entremecer la cobardia, el lado oscuro y la tristeza, ha sabidointroducir asimismo la esperanza, se pequeno resplandor en una sociedad espesa como el barro?. Yet one also had to participate in the propagandising sufficiently well to be able to parrot the required statements and harass fellow-citizens enough to survive without becoming confused about what was required this particular week.

Preview this item Preview this item. InGao left the Communist party. El autor se limita a poner negro sobre blanco esos recuerdos y huye de interpretaciones.

Novelista, poeta, dramaturgo, director de teatro y pintor, como un artista del Renacimiento tiende a abarcarel arte en sus distintas disciplinas, y en cada una deellas investiga una forma personal de expresarse mezclando tecnicas, estilos y generos.

One Man’s Bible

He stresses repeatedly on how he doesn’t believe in any fancy ‘-isms’ anymore. Email address subscribed successfully. A lihro succes 3. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions.

The last pages are good, where narrator says he is finally at peace with life. First in how he mixes the present and past so that they are distinct but become a whole.

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Of course people became more and more selfish and betrayed friends and family often, just trying to keep alive. But now having read the other Chinese books, I plan to read this again. I did, however, get a sense of the fear and oppression of the Chinese under communism, which I link to the memiors I’ve read of Russian communist oppression, which I loved and which truely lkbro fabulous. I am sure there’s a China unknown to the rest of the world, not the China of libri numerous Olympic medals or the China represented by the robotically expressionless faces of the Communist Party members.


No finge, no alardea, ni siquiera le importa que le creas o no. His narration seems first hand, written with a sense of immediacy through dialogue between Margarethe the Dd Jew and Xingjian’s man who has fled the Cultural Revolution.

And it makes me really want to read Soul Mountain. Per i giorni felici, sacrifichiamo le nostre vite, gloriosamente! This novel showcases absolute power corrupting absolutely and unveils an era during which anything you said could–and would–be used against you.

Stories from Behind the Berlin WallFunder is the narrator, an outsider viewing with shock, amusement, compassion or disbelief, but even an author as perceptive as she is cannot convey what it is like to be subject to the intellectual confusion it occasions. The monster of his past.

His treatment of women is annoying – at times dour, at times violent. To give dde book less than four stars would be a travesty in my mind — I was all set to give it less earlier on se the translated writing is so raw, so almost devoid of feeling in the presence of so much hatred, pain and suffering.

One Man’s Bible by Gao Xingjian

Subjects Gao, Xingjian — Fiction. Description Details Customer Reviews En dejo China y actualmente vive como refugiado politico en Paris. El libro de un hombre solo Author: In the Cultural revolution, consciousness had to keep shifting to keep pace with the Leadership’s pronouncements. He is, he admits, a “Chinese writer” insofar as he writes in the Chinese language, but going beyond this would fall into nationalism, one of the most detested “isms.