The British Council and EAQUALS have joined together to create a core curriculum inventory for the English language based around key. Sheehan, Susan () The British Council/EAQUALS core curriculum inventory – the core of English taught at CEFR levels A1 to C1. If you have been following the development of the “core inventory” by the British Council, in association with EAQUALS, all this will sound.

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I would tend to agree with Jason, above, in that the document might be a good starting point -but just that, bearing in mind that the path of language is an open and mostly unpredictable one and therefore, if you handcuff the spectrum of language possibilities with too prescribed and fixed structures and a set of closed words, well, you may be missing the fun of it!


Britishey Training Centre | EAQUALS British Council Core Curriculum April

Thanks, Philip — yes, the English Profile fills me with dread. I went through it and whipped out all the competencies it listed for each of the levels. We really cannot imagine such a future.

Does this knife belong to anybody? We are also looking at input texts, coursebooks and the like.

British Council-EAQUALS CEFR Core Inventory (English)

The fact that the sentence has been dethroned as the organising principle of much of our talk should surely have alerted the powers that be that the type of description being undertaken is at best partial.

In an elementary class I had, a learner very pleasantly surprised me by coming out with this to a reticent class-mate.

Notify me of new posts via email. We can tell the students to start earning — and saving — the mcnuggets in their own time, and then use classroom time for counciil in which they exchange and trade with them. Here, at long last, was the illusion of structure to the phenomemnon of chaos. Maybe Headway the fourth?


Certificate in TEFL

It certainly goes against the spirit of open enquiry which should characterise any discipline worth its salt. I tend to agree. I think this book hints at what is possible and more helpful for teachers. Here are three I like:. Sadly we are to blame for this debacle. Every BC course from now on til the end of time will be referenced to this, and teachers held accountable to it.

Oh briitsh on, have a spring roll. It was actually a book called English Grammatical Structurepublished inand jointly authored by Louis Alexander, W. I suppose, in its defense, it does answer a need, on the part of some teachers and institutions, and maybe even students, to know how to operationalise the CEFR descriptors, within the parameters of a basically coursebook-driven, PPP methodology.

It is mostly about money. Thanks, Scott, for another excellent post!

I will be coyncil ignoring from here on in. I think the fact that you, as an educational manager, have to map your coursebooks on to the CEFR is indicative of the way the CEFR is liberally invoked by publishers but not rigorously applied.

Thanks, but eaqualw cigar yet. We aim to describe what learners can do at each level of the CEFR in terms of grammar, vocabulary, notions and functions, providing concrete examples of the competencies laid out in the CEFR. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Those CEF stickers were impossible to remove without leaving a nasty hole on the cover. Thanks for that insight into how the data were collected, Adam. Thanks, Declan, for clarifying that. There should councul a coursebook series called Lip Service. However, there are also real problems with it. No references to which coursebooks were trawled and why? Who will be first with britixh For those few minutes, my A2 class ostensibly became B2.


Bditish the course of the year students will naturally acquire all the English they need to master. I should add that Evan Frendo has also been blogging about the Core Inventory — and it was in fact Evan who put me on to it: But it does seem that the history of the communicative approach, from its inception in the mid s until now, has been a painfully halting two-steps-forward, one-step-back one, with major breakthroughs in curriculum design immediatey shackled to a discrete-point syllabus.

How about these examples though they do include practice from Natural Grammar:.

The Core Inventory for General English – Eaquals

For your information athough you probably know this a more exhaustive mapping of linguistic items onto the CEFR framework, using corpus data, is underway, and is called the English Profile, brktish its launch date is still a while off, I think.

Published by Ryan Blevins Modified over 4 years ago.

As usual, an eye-opening post, Scott. Thanks for your comment, Alex. He is scarcely moving his lips. We are really keen to involve the ELT community in our efforts and birtish feedback or comments from the people posting here would be gratefully received… You can contact us via coumcil website, chat on our forum which is in its infancy and not really attracting many contributors as yet or come to one of our events and heckle!

Readiness to acquire structure x? Now the rush will be on to devise another upgrade to their coursebooks: The coursebooks have stuck CEFR labels on the back and inserted can-do statements at the top or bottom of the pages, but this is really tokenism.