The Salutation of Red Sulphur/Durud Kibrit Ahmar This blessed salutation is well known in the Qadri tariqa. (Durood Kibrit Ahmar link posted in comments). Mar 14, i had a dream where the Prophet pbuh is about to make salaah, and they ask me to pray next to them, and i look at them with a smile and say to. Apr 17, Durood Kibrit Ahmar. Durood Kibrit Ahmar · DAROOD-i-KIBIYAT AHMER SHARIF-English Translation. Dalasil-ul Khairat with Darood Shariffs.

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You made his nation, the best of all nations and pardoned their sins from the beginning to the end. O my Lord, accept his most effective right of intercession and elevate him more to august rank.

For whom You made sweet water burst forth from his finger. You made porpoise, gazelle, wolf, dry date-tree, roasted meat of goat, camel, mountain, lump of clay, trees, and stone speak to him. Then it moved and walked to me in cups. He is the court for the witnesses and subject of the witness. I am singularly near to Him, The Mighty One who changes my state and suffices.

The power of the Qassidah Ghauthia is beyond description but its number of times of recitation and its way of recitation to be effective in all respect is a very well safeguarded secret.


He is the reality of everything and light of guidance. I acquired knowledge till I became a Djrood. Shower blessings and peace on our master in number equal to the eyes that see and the ears that listen. He enrobed me duroood determination embroidered. Newer Post Older Post Home. You made him eloquent in speech and pearl of wisdom. Be courageous my disciple, be cheerful and sing, in ecstasy. O Allah, bestow on him the Kibriit Station and.

And my ancestor is one possessed of an insight. They are companions remorseful like those who fast, And are like pearls in the darkness of the nights. May all duroos them be blessed by the Lord.

And my time has been purified before my birth. He adopted me and granted my request.

Durood Kibrit Ahmar – Durood of the Red Sulfur

Be courageous and drink, you are my army. Gather us with your Beloved friend in Paradise without indulging us in severe torment in the condition that You are pleased with us and not angry with us.

On the contrary its secret way of recitation is reserved to those who are authorized. O Lord of Honour and Power, place him at the Lauded Station so that all his predecessors and successors envy him.

Durood Kibrit Ahmar – Durood Of The Red Sulfur by Attariyaa | Photobucket

Sulfur is also an element used in alchemy ahmaf transform substances, thus we may say that red sulfur stresses the aspect of a permanent transformation which derives by the continuous recitation of this composition in praise of the Holy Prophet, SAWS. Send blessings and confer peace in the manner which befits his majesty.


I said to all the Polar-turnips. Had I thrown my secret into the oceans, They would have at once dried up. Such eternal blessings be on him as You are Eternal Yourself and listings as You are Everlasting and have no end, beyond your knowledge.

Durood Kibrit Ahmar | My Blog

Infinite blessings and peace be on all of them. Award him precedence over all the favourites of Divine presence.

The Pir Sahab Shams-ud-Din Sialvi, RA knowing the rigid but effective rules of relation between Pir and murid refused categorically to even listen to what the old man was to gift him.

Such blessings be on him as it please Yourself and deserving for Your prophet and.

So I told my wine, advance towards me.