DS, DS Datasheet, DS Real Time Clock, buy DS The DS, DS, and DS12C real-time clocks (RTCs) are Pin Configurations and Ordering Information appear at end of data sheet. WWW. Y. DESCRIPTION. The DS Real Time Clock plus RAM is designed to be a direct replacement for the DS The DS is identical in form, fit, and.

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The 10 bytes are advanced once per second by 1 second and. The chip select signal must be asserted low for a bus cycle in the DS to. A write cycle is indicated.

Ds112887 CC supply is switched off, and an internal lithium energy source supplies power to the RTC and the. This will prevent any update at the middle of the initialization. When an interrupt flag bit is set and the. When V CC is. RS0 bits of Register A. AS address strobe is an input pin.

When a flag is set, an indication is given to software that an.



If a read datashret the time and calendar data occurs during an update, a problem. When the DS is in write-protected state, all inputs are ignored. Examine the following code to see how to access the DS of Figure Periodic rates from ms to ms. RESET is held low is dependent on the application. The time and calendar information is obtained by reading the appropriate memory bytes.

Underwriters Laboratory UL recognized. It is an input and is active low normally high. The entire bytes of RAM are accessible datashfet for read or write except the following: Turning on the oscillator for the first time The DS is shipped with the internal oscillator turned off in order to save the lithium battery.

The DS has four control registers that are accessible at all times, even during the update cycle. In most applications the reset pin is connected to the V cc pin.

The set bit in Register B should be cleared after the data mode bit has been written to. On the first Sunday in April, the time increments from 1: The periodic interrupt can be used with software counters to measure inputs, create output. To use IRQ, the interrupt-enable bits in register B must be set high. This function is separate from the alarm interrupt, which datasheft be output from once per second to.


However, each function has a separate enable bit in Register B. A 1 in DM signifies binary data while a 0 in DM specifies. The probability of reading incorrect time.

The contents of the The functions include a nonvolatile. After the UIP bit goes high, the update transfer occurs.

Register C clears AF. This bit is not writable. D7 bit of register A is read-only.

Therefore, the user should avoid interrupt service routines that would cause the time needed to. Register B must be set to the appropriate logic fs12887.


The interrupt flag bit is a status bit that. The next four bytes are used for the control and status registers.

Registers C and D are read-only.