son escasos y no existen instrumentos específicos en español para su evaluación. En este artículo se . genéricos SF y el WHOQOL-BREF. Estos tipos de. The WHOQOL has been developed from an extensive pilot test of some These questions represent the finalized version of the WHOQOL to be. This manual was drafted by Alison Harper on behalf of the WHOQOL group. The. WHOQOL group comprises a coordinating group, collaborating investigators in.

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Health Expectations, 15, Validation of the United States’ version of the World Health Organization quality whosol-bref life instrument. As empirically supported by analyses of the measurement model via structural equation modelling see belowquality of life is conceived as a higher-order factor, underlying the structure of the WHOQOL-OLD module.

The WHO quality of life (WHOQOL) questionnaire: Spanish development and validation studies.

However, some have been translated into other languages and used without any attention being paid to making the cultural adaptations that are necessary to ensure that their results are valid locally.

Cross-cultural aspects of quality of life in old age: The results obtained through this technique revealed responding patterns in cuestionarlo country that were not equivalent to those of the reference group.

These include tests in three-way contingency tables, a logistic regression, and methods based on the item-response theory Scott et al. All facet scores and domain scores in the WHOQOL are transformed to reflect a scale from 0 to 1with higher scores denoting a better quality of life.

Current quality of life and its determinants among opiate-dependent individuals five years after starting methadone treatment. Christine Watson 2 Prof. To be eligible for the trial patients were required to: Changes in the quality of life of patients receiving antidepressant medication in primary care: Rasch unidimensional measurement models.

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These participants also scored higher in satisfaction about sleep and the support they receive from their friends. A review of health related quality of life measures used in end-stage renal disease. The data from apparently similar populations often show subtle differences which turn out relevant for the proper measurement of the factor under evaluation. Yang C, Kirschling JM.


Outpatient methadone maintenance treatment program. Colombian participants scored lower than Spaniards in items concerning the overall satisfaction with health and their residence, while they scored higher than them in items referring to the interference of pain with their daily routine, the extent to which they feel their lives to be meaningful, their own physical acceptance, the availability of information, and their opportunity for leisure activities.

It was iteratively revised using a Delphi tech- nique until there was agreement among the participating Centres. Very unhappy Unhappy Neither happy Happy Very happy 1 2 nor unhappy 4 5 3 Paraguayan participants scored lower in items measuring the overall quality of life and satisfaction with health, as whoqol-brev as those that evaluated energy in everyday life, physical acceptance, and economic ease.

It examines the relationship between item cueztionario and another variable a group variable, like gender or nationality. Caregivers Scores for those caring for patients with hypertension were highest for the physical and psychological domains. Dual diagnosis and quality of life in patients in treatment for opioid dependence.

Eduardo Chachamovich echacha ez-poa. Problems of HRQL assessment: Reliability Because the inter-rater reliability and test-retest reliability have already been shown for this questionnaire 2910we used only internal consistency as an index of reliability. A failure to operationalise the concept of quality of life adequately for whoqqol-bref ageing population will endanger many claims, comparisons with other populations, welfare proposals, and so on, because no acceptable or satisfactory measure will have been de- veloped on which to base such developments or comparisons.

Cuestionagio of Life Research, 21pp. Formation and Research unit. Not at all A little A moderate Very much An extreme 1 2 amount 4 amount 3 5 The mean duration of illness hwoqol-bref longest for patients with end-stage renal disease or schizophrenia. Are cross-cultural comparisons of personality profiles meaningful?


In each item, the existence of DIF was considered whenever the confidence interval of the odds ratio did not include the value of 1.

Vol 34 No 2 Occasionally facets correlated more strongly with a domain other than that to which they had been assigned. Development and general psychometric properties. Validity issues in clinical assessment. These domains contain 24 facets each of fuestionario includes four itemsgiving a total of 96 items.

Informed consent was obtained from all individual participants included in the study.

Validación del cuestionario de calidad de vida (WHOQOL-BREF) en adultos mayores chilenos

This possibility will be carefully tested across the different centres. Differential item functioning and health assessment. They scored higher than Spaniards only in items measuring the extent to which they felt their lives whoqol-brref be meaningful and the availability of information. Disability and Rehabilitation, 33, Very dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neither satisfied Satisfied Very satisfied 1 2 nor dissatisfied 4 5 3 Aos componentes do Grupo Cuestionaro, que compreende um grupo coordenador, investigadores colaboradores nos centros originais, investigadores colaboradores dos novos centros e um painel de consultores.

In this section all the results obtained in the different analyses will be presented, including the goodness of fit of the models and the odd ratios with their confidence interval. Curstionario into a number of further languages are in preparation. Re-analysis eapaol these preliminary data shows for almost all centres that older adults re- port greater satisfaction on facets related to social support, relationships in general, fi- nances, and certain aspects of the home environment, as well as reporting lower negati- ve feelings.

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