Abigail. Pedagogie constantin cucos pdf Corbiculate buses kincaid, their very pickaback seats. lloyd . Pedagogie generala constantin cucos. Constantin Cucoş / Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences () . Curs de Pedagogie generală, predat în anii úi ed. a II-a. Cuvint inainte de Constantin Cucos Conceputa ca un ghid de utilizare a pachetului de prog RON. Management general si strategic in educatie. O introducere in pedagogie, dar nu orice fel de introducere, pentru ca autorul situeaza.

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Din punct de vedere etimologic: In a traditional way, it is considered that aesthetic education envisages reaching two main objectives: The adult is engaged in a learning activity if there is a relationship between personal projects and the desire to fulfil them Wilson, Hayes, Education in the field of art leads to new horizons because it fosters an inquiring and reflective spirit and it offers a superior meaning to life itself.

As a certain point, they can become trainers or actors for training other people, thus being valued by the community they can become cultural guides, artistic animators for young people or those general to them, they can propagate authentic values. Training and usage of the receptive abilities represent the basic condition for developing later features.

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Based on this spiritual background, different misunderstandings can be avoided, conflicts are defused, thus setting the ground for universal peace and harmony. Redactarea probei; Pas 5: Published by Elsevier Ltd. Aesthetic education facilitates communication between civilizations and generations, on a diachronic and also a synchronic axis, leading to the creation of human solidarity based on a nucleus of universal values. Skip to main content. Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website.


The adult must consider important the process of acquiring new facilities, knowledge or attitudes The motivation of the adult becomes more focused on specific targets: As intention and thematic, art brings forward preoccupations and fundamental questions that have always spirited humanity everywhere.

Din punct de vedere psiho-social: Ca membru al corpului profesoral: Knowlesconcerning adult education, we will contextualize them below, connecting them to the specificity of education for perception and artistic creation. Managementul clasei de elevi 1. Nu se poate programa totul.

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Experiential Learning experience as a source of learning and development. Handbook of adult and continuing education. TX GullPublishing, Huston, http: Subsistemul verbal caracterizat prin: Peer-review under responsibility of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University. Appreciating art within the society offers an axiological dimension of this society, of its attitude and axiological refinement.

The Role of Arts in Adult Education | Cucos Constantin –

tenerala Consequently, the group of objects which refer to the development of artistic abilities can cufos composed of the measures taken for revealing abilities and of forming the habits and abilities required by the specificity of each artistic creation.

Artistic language decants and mediates value parameters which give information on the spiritual unity of humanity. From this point of view, regarding aesthetic training, we can identify both extrinsic reasons the desire to use free time, to reconvert towards an artistic occupation, to earn extra moneyand also intrinsic the desire to become known for artistic creativity, the need of self-fulfilment, of being capitalized on the social scale.


Specificity of training for perception and artistic creation in the case of adults Unlike other categories of trained people, adults have a different connection to the artistic field, their interests being much more nuanced and differentiated. Artistic experience leads to personal self- fulfilment and to the beautification of existence by giving it new meanings and evolutions.

Fiecare copil este un unicat. Urmare a atingerii componentelor: Conform taxonomiei lui Bloom, obiectivele de evaluare pot fi: Eseul de cinci minute: La psychologie de l’art. Log In Sign Up. RaduCluj-Napoca, Editura Dacia, Alte forme de organizare Se poate face prin: Principalele elemente constitutive ale unei strategii didactice sunt: Aesthetic education, in this case, will be focused on the compensating and recuperating values of aesthetic education done in specialized institutions school, museums, specialized associative structuresbut also on assuming an increased autonomy or responsibility of the one who wants to plenary perceive artistic values.

Thus, for an adult or an old person, art can be a salvation, a means of re-activating, strengthening, enhancing existential joy, making these people have a strong desire to prolong their life in a pleasant way through spiritual activities. Of course, it is desired that all people are creative aesthetically speaking, both this happens genegala to one point.

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