Phone, Suggest a phone number chef d’équipe trinome de combat / armurier section. Work Position. chef d’équipe trinome de combat / armurier section. ses personnels. LE TRINOME La double dotation FAMAS/ABL de certains combattants lui procure la capacité d’engager le combat à. From works as a drawing lecturer at Trinom. (drawing lectures for future architecture students). From she is a member of HDLU.

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Meanwhile, in the rest of the population the large majoritythe expectations towards the security forces and the military are strong Was it the order of Ulster and of its Protestant majority or the order the United Kingdom on one of its provinces? The problems are not only technical ones and the soldier must become flexible enough if he wants to make the most of it.

France modern “section de combat” (i.e french version of a platoon) w.i.p

It is essential that it becomes flexible enough to adapt to all operations, otherwise the ENC will be repelled by the user who never has much time. So I may only advise combta to become imbued with the different articles proposed in our magazine. This is essential to maintain the disruptive tipping effect resulting from the change in the ratio of forces and the imme- diately operational nature of dismounted infantry.

Supported or supporting — the issue of command relationships The command organization for combined-arms operations is always an important issue because it affects the operational efficiency, the spirit and the style of the manoeuvre.

The absence of the police in these areas, external support and cross-border trafficking favour arms and explosives smuggling and their spreading on the territory.

One of my challenges is to guarantee that our combatants have the best possible continuity of communications and information during the difficult embarking and disembarking phases in contact with the enemy.


At the School we strive to identify and anticipate the consequences that the new equipment will induce in school training, organization and doctrine. These simulators allow the infantry to train in two related fields: More recently, the german mo- bile operations supported by a centralised system of effective radio communications networks overwhelmed the french com- batants during the campaign.

Over the years,we have made many popular small arms, from airguns,pistols,rifles to assault rifles,submachine or machine guns.

Suggest content to its curator! As suggested by the names, the 3-man trinomes 3-man fireteams in the groupe de combat each specialise in either close-range or long-range combat.

Thirteen civilians, mostly minors, were killed in this “Bloody Sunday”, inaugurating the deadliest year of the “Trou- bles”. Based on new technologies, it increases our combat capabilities by ensuring the networking and synergy of all tactical data between bat- tlefield sensors and effectors.

Towards a long and staff consuming commitment: Regarding the service sector, I want to fulfil the vision of the future: At a time when there is a strong temptation to integrate more the armed forces in internal security, it may be useful to revisit cu period of “the Troubles”, during which more British soldiers fell than during all the fighting which took place in the Falklands, the Gulf war, the Balkans and Iraq to- gether.

Bersaglieri of the Garibaldi Brigade armoured infantry have been deployed. A human being is very trionme mechanically and robots will not match them in terms of flexibility and versati- lity any time soon.

Unlike overseas operations where tactical intelligence sharing is possible, the judicial information held by ISF in internal operations cannot be shared for fear of leaks that could endanger the procedure and intervention.

It is indeed imperative to adapt the force generation process to the various frameworks above mentio- ned, in order to take full advantage of it. As a core of this army, the ICTS, an elite unit with a strength ofis a part of the Iraqi special forces.


Digitization goes hand in hand with a paradox: It provided them tinome opportunity to share their experience, describe combst expectations and compare their approaches.

Fantassins 36

To be fully operational, the info-centric unit must be integra- ted into a coherent ensemble equipped with the CONTACT radio, the Scorpion combat information system SICSsensors detectors and effectors weapons all connected by vetronics.

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It has been besides decided to upgrade the Sd’embCIS by an early replacement of the FELIN dismounted terminal, to contribute more ef- fectively to the smooth dismounting and mounting of the infantrymen. The mul- tiple attacks on Friday, November 13,in Paris, have chan- ged operation procedures and the disposition according to the specific state of emergency. When in contact with the enemy, it allows a more pre- cise identification of the threat and thereby a faster response.

As to me I am not able to make a tactical decision on a 7 inch screen, even if it is perfectly updated. The QRF has been deployed in a rush on Nov 13 and many frictions appeared. The Infantry, through the operational cooperation poles POC, in Dakar and Librevilleand the forward operating bases BOA in Djibouti and in Abidjancurrently participates in reinforcing, es- pecially in Africa, regional security for which it provides its own tech- nical and tactical training capabilities.

Thanks to this asset, each vehicle is prepared to spontaneously support the main effort.