Christian Thibaudeau – Strength Coach and Performance Expert So when I have to get in shape quickly, I do two training sessions a day: A. 1 – do you still think it is that good of a program/routine to get jacked/shredded fast or the fastest. 2 – did you stick with it for the entire time and. Get Jacked FAST! Your complete body transformation guide. by Christian Thibaudeau. Pages: 66 eBook size: X File size: MB. 12 weeks.

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Hopefully, most T Nation readers look pretty damn good all year long. Burpees 4 Explosive None Explosive A3.

Swiss ball crunches 5 Max 45 sec Normal B1. That’s what this phase will be about. This will lead to muscle growth while continuing to lose fat at the same time. Don’t panic, you are not fatter; you are simply holding more water than the ocean. Originally Posted by IgboMeso. I wasn’t really personally calling him an idiot. Hi, I’m an Idiot.

If you did things according to plan you should not be suffering any ill-effect from dieting at this point. Hack squat 4 12 — 15 60 sec Normal C1. Lying leg curl 6 sec Normal B1. FAST Your complete body transformation guide 12 weeks periodized training, nutrition and supplementation program by Coach Christian Thibaudeau www.

Kneeling cable crunches Superset 5 none Normal A2. Funny you ask because I’m preparing for a photoshoot now. Hammer curl 6 8 – 10 90 sec Normal C1.

How to Look Jacked in 3 Weeks | T Nation

In fact the first week is all about surcompensation: I want to clarify some things; it is true that gaining a lot of muscle while losing a lot of fat at the same time is impossible or very hard to accomplish. This thibaudequ is designed to include 2 days of two-a-days workouts and 3 days of once-a-day workout.


Leg extension 6 8 – 10 sec Normal C. Once you shift your focus toward hypertrophy, looking your best isn’t terribly hard or complicated. It depends on your starting point. Don’t give me the metabolic damage excuse. Take in the biggest chunk of these carbs in the peri-workout period before, during, chrsitian after training. Lying leg curl 6 8 – 10 sec Normal B1.

I am not giving you specific food choices but rather portions of each category of food. Barbell shrugs 4 60 sec Normal C1. Athletes have been using this technique for years in the form of training camps or hell weeks.

It is well known in thibbaudeau circles that the period after a competition is the time where you can put on the most muscle mass.

This allowed them to reach peak performance shape on schedule. Is Christian Thibaudeau an idiot?

Is Christian Thibaudeau an idiot? – Forums

Single-arm pulldowns 8 – 10 90 sec Normal C1. The table provided gives you the appropriate food choice and the size of one portion. Mirin your stats dude. Get a light spray tan, white people.

Christian Thibaudeau – Get Jacked… FAST

Standing calves 9 sec Normal Treadmill Alone 1 40 minutes 3. In this case, use wraps and switch grips to minimize grip issues. No juice, soft drink, regular energy drink, V8, Gatorade and the likes, etc. Furthermore, at the end of those 2 weeks, you will have a mini-anabolic rebound when you reintroduce some calories in your diet.


From day 10 through to day 4, you’ll consume 1. Upright row 5 90 sec Peak contraction B1. You’ll also be a lot lighter, mostly from fat loss. Perform your HIIT cardio or hot yoga separate from your weight training session. I’ve been looking over at Thibaydeau recently at some stuff and Hammer curl 6 90 sec Normal C1. It’s now time to shift things up into high gear once again.

If that doesn’t work and you’re able to fight off hunger, the next thing it’ll do is decrease the T4 to T3 conversion T4 is pretty much inactive and T3 is the thyroid hormone that has the highest impact on increasing metabolic rate. I want to clarify some things; it is true that gaining a lot of muscle while losing a lot of fat at the same time is impossible or very hard to accomplish.

Personally I’d substitute rows for OHP. Single-arm pulldowns 8 – 10 90 sec Normal C1. Amazingly, creatine works better for certain muscles than it does for others. Two days out, add around 50 grams of carbs four times per day in the form of potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, and the like. Strongest broscience of all time. At the conclusion of these 2 weeks you should feel like crying all the time and your strength migth be down somewhat.