Cheiro’s Book of Numbers: The Complete Science of Numerology: Cheiro: Books – Cheiro’s Book of Numbers: The Complete Science of Numerology [Cheiro] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Discusses the significance of . Cheiro’s Numerology and Astrology: The Book of Fate and Fortune [Cheiro] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. THIS IS BRAND NEW BOOK.

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Nothing holds Number 1 back in their quest to rise to the top. His sobriquet, Cheiro, derives from the word cheiromancy, meaning palmistry. Bok results of your general mindset are going to take a boost for better or for worse. But anybody approaching Cheiro numerology from this angle needs to be mindful that even the most successful people in the world endure hardships and make mistakes.

An easy way of doing this would be to change his middle name to something that added up to, or reduced to 8.

Number 36 — as per This number symbolises vision, and seeing that vision through to the end. Number 43 — Signifies a considerable and somewhat negative overhaul in circumstance.

The freedom to move about and travel is craved, and there is a numeeology for knowledge about the world. Thanks for telling us about the problem.


Cheiro Numerology

If doing this, it is recommended to have a name that matches the Birth number, as this will accentuate the more positive aspects of the number over any negative. What is Cheiro Numerology?

Kindness and tact are positive features of this number. Although I am not about to denigrate the integrity of this book, I have to admit I was somewhat disappointed at its content.

Number 52 — as per Dreams up ideas and has the will to make them happen. Usually indicates assured success, understanding, warmth, courage and positive energies. Number 26 — Troubles, and to look closely at who you are dealing with, as those around you may be to blame for your misfortunes more than any error of your own. As such, symbolises leadership, and the one that everybody looks up to.

Aastha Gupta rated it really liked it Oct 13, This number stands for the forefront of creative capabilities, enduring strength, focus and positivity.

Cheiro Numerology

Attraction is the key concept to number 6. He died in at the age of chiro, the time of his death having been self-predicted, according to his widow. Oct 09, Krishna is currently reading it. The number system behind contemporary mathematics originated in India and spread throughout the Middle East and Europe in the medieval period.


This book is really small and meagre. Number 41 — as per Ashish rated it it was amazing Apr 13, Number 13 — Transition. The numeroligy who lives from day to day in blissful ignorance of the problems that will catch up with them. Number 24 — Not too dissimilar to 23, this signifies the importance of others coming to your aid in achieving your aspirations, in personal life too.

Cheiro’s Book Of Numbers

Number 19 — Enlightenment. I love it very much Parminder.

Number 30 — Is your glass half full or half empty? However is seldom on the same page as others, and can cheirk isolated, if not reviled.