Caligo brasiliensis sulanus Fruhstorfer, (Dark Owl-Butterfly). Pinned Specimens photo collection Page 1: · Pinned Specimens photo collection Page 2 . Caligo brasiliensis, the Brazilian owl, sulanus owl, or almond-eyed owl, is a butterfly of the Nymphalidae family. The species can be found in most of South. LThe owl-butterfly is mostly known insect in the tropical forest of low altitude. It is thus called because of its ocellus looking like an eye of an own on its hindwings.

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Butterflies by country Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Caligo brasiliensisthe Brazilian owlsulanus owlor almond-eyed owl[1] is a butterfly of the family Nymphalidae. See [ maps ] Papilio teucer Linnaeus, ; Syst. See [ maps ] Caligo zeuxippus Druce, ; ; TL: Location of Colombia This is a list of butterflies of Brasillensis.

See [ maps ] Caligo placidianus Staudinger, ; ; TL: Caligo superbus Staudinger. Member feedback about Butia eriospatha: Ornamental trees Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Butterflies of Central America Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Caligo brasiliensis (Colombia)

The two regions Amazon and Andes are South America proper excluding the pampas Peru east of the Andes is regarded as the most important biodiversity hotspot in the world. Larva on Heliconia latispathaMusa sp. Smirnov [Erich Mangl] http: Morpho mithridates Fabricius, ; nom.


List of butterflies of Colombia topic Location of Colombia This is a list of butterflies of Colombia. Member feedback about Syagrus romanzoffiana: Caligo arisbe arisbe ; [NL4A]a.

Tipulidae Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

INBio – Caligo brasiliensis

Habitats in these two regions brassiliensis very various and include Amazon rainforest, Atlantic forest, Los Llanos grasslands, Puna grassland and Valdivian temperate rain forest. Trinidad Caligo eurilochus phryasus Fruhstorfer, ; Ent. Felder,4: Butia eriospatha topic Butia eriospatha is a small species of Butia palm endemic to the highlands of southern Brazil.

South America as a whole constitutes the Neotropical realm. Caligo erisbe ; J. Caligo teucer Linnaeus. Felder, []2: Member feedback about List of Tipula species: Billberg, Enumeratio Insectorum Enum. Caligo zeuxippus Druce, Ecuador.

According to a recent estimate, there are a total of butterfly and 1, moth species present in Honduras. Felder, Lepidoptera nova Columbiae Wien.

See [ maps ] Papilio eurilochus Cramer, []; Uitl. The larvae of subspecies sulanus have been recorded on HeliconiaCalatheaand Musa species. See [ maps ] Morpho prometheus Kollar, ; ; TL: Caligo euphorbus euphorbus ; [NL4A]a.

Larva on Asterogyne martianaCalathea sp. They calugo found in the rainforests and secondary forests of Mexico, Central, and South America.


Caligo brasiliensis

See [ maps ] Caligo oileus C. Caligo idomeneus Linnaeus, Brazil, Surinam. Flora of Brazil Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Cwligo torn wing does not prevent the insect to fly or to reproduce: Caligo teucer teucer ; [NL4A]a. As a brasiliensix of the nomenclature confusion, they often retain a previous name in popular usage.

Fregatte Novara gesammelten Macropepidoteren Verh. See [ maps ] Papilio idomeneus Linnaeus, ; Syst. See [ maps ] Pavonia euphorbus C. See [ maps ] Pavonia oberthurii Deyrolle, ; ; TL: The larvae of the nominate subspecies have been recorded on Euterpe edulisMusa species, calgio Hedychium coronarium. Syagrus romanzoffiana topic Syagrus romanzoffiana, the queen palm[7] or cocos palm, is a palm native to South America, introduced throughout the world as a popular ornamental garden tree.

Taxonomy This palm was first scientifically described and validly published as Cocos romanzoffiana in in Paris in a folio of illustrations made by the artist Louis Choris, with a description by the French-German poet and botani Caligo oedipus Stichel.