How do I configure the wireless printer with a network cable and install the printer driver in Macintosh OS X? NOTE: For successful wireless setup, you will need. Home · United States; HLW. Support & Downloads. HLW. Downloads . Download the latest drivers, utilities and firmware. FAQs & Troubleshooting. Connecting a new printer to your computer can create a variety of problems. The Brother HLW is a printer that can be connected to a wireless network.

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The Brother HLW is a printer that can be connected to a wireless network, providing a solution for multicomputer printing in a wireless environment. The control panel settings will be automatically changed to WLAN Enable when the wireless settings are sent to your printer.

The SSID is a byte or less value and is assigned to the access point. If you need further assistance, please contact Brother customer service: On the wirelless page of the printer settings document is a Node Type listing. To help us ssetup our support, please provide your feedback below. Open a Web browser on your computer, type the IP address of the printer into the address bar at the top of the screen and press “Enter” on your keyboard. To achieve optimum results with normal everyday document printing, place the Brother printer as close to the network access point router as possible with minimal obstructions.


Please refer to the information below to see which authentication and encryption methods your Brother wireless device supports. The WEP key is case sensitive. The screens may differ depending on operating system being used and your Brother machine. Uses 13 text characters. Important points you need to confirm before configuring your Brother machine for a wireless network.

This information can be found in your router’s documentation and should be similar to ” Some printers can be connected wirelessly, however, eliminating the need for a cable while also simplifying the method to connect other computers to the printer. Uses 5 text characters. Authentication methods The Brother printer supports the following methods: Go to the Contact Us section.

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Wait at brkther one minute for the printer to refresh itself with the wireless settings. Click the gray “Submit” button at the bottom of the screen when you are done.

Shared key A secret pre-determined key is shared by all devices that will access the wireless network. There are up to 14 different channels that can be used when using a wireless network.

How to Set up an HlW for Wireless | It Still Works

About the Author Matthew Burley has been a writer of online content since If the installation screen does not appear automatically, click here to see how to open the installan. Configure the Brother machine seutp a wireless network with a network cable using the Installation CD-ROM This FAQ explains how to configure your Brother machine for a wireless network using the Wireless setup wizard and a network cable temporarily.


Uses 10 digits of hexadecimal data. Once the Wireless Setup Wizard screen appears, follow the steps from Step 7 below.

How does the information on this page help you? Please follow the steps below. To clear this mode, wait for 5 minutes or turn the printer power switch off and then turn it on again. When your wireless network device receives a beacon, you can identify the wireless network that is close enough for the radio wureless to reach your device.

The initial Network Name could be the manufacturer’s name or the model name. The Brother printer uses the WEP keys as the pre-determined key. How does the information on this page help you? Video of the Day. If your question was not answered, have you checked other FAQs? Wireless networks use channels. If there are any programs running, close them.

3 Configuring the wireless network settings (For HL-2170W)

Contact Us Product Registration Visit www. Burley holds a Bachelor of Science in political science from Arizona State and a Master of Science in computer information systems from the University of Phoenix.

You will be guided by the on-screen instructions until you are able to use your Brother wireless network printer.