The dual 4 ohm voice coil makes the subwoofers great for wiring a single subwoofer at 2 All G2 series subwoofers are equipped with Boston Acoustics specific. : Boston Acoustics G Vehicle Subwoofers: Electronics. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Boston Acoustics G G2 10″ Performnce Single 4-ohm Subwoofer at Read honest and.

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Steve H Bronze Member Username: Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Both are good woofers and you should pick the one that sounds best to you. I dont know what his budget is but, he said I want a good system, either 10’s or 12’s.

If you’re talking about a small amp that is driven to clipping all the time trying to power a big sub then I can almost see your point but that wasn’t the question. One ten in ported box with watts would sound excellent. I can either get this sub and use the 4ohm load for W without putting too much strain on the speakeror get a subwoofer that has a W RMS rating and run it at 2ohms.


The Sub ain’t seeing full power most of the time anyway no matter what your amp is rated for. Woah, woah, woah, where are you getting this information.

Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. That’s nicely done, especially with such a tight fit! Nate So Silver Member Username: I am sort of swaying towards getting a JL10W-3, but obviously still need some help. Most passenger cars probably don’t have that under the front seat. I am not a hardcore audiophile-hence keeping the bose HU but I do want the best sound quality in a sealed 10inch sub.

A question regarding RMS levels.

Установка сабвуфера Boston Acoustics G box в KIA Sportage II (KM)

I thought it sounded good but it just coulent do the volume i wanted. I mean hooking up bodton rockford fosgate sub to a rockford fosgate amp seems like it would obviously work but I just don’t understand this wattage issue. Pelon Gold Member Username: As you can see, the box bboston plenty of intersecting edges that act as external braces. Keep the input coming. I would recommend a ported box as well.

Boston Acoustics G210-44 DVC Subwoofers

I built this subwoofer for my Scion XB. I just built a shallow enclosure for under the rear bench seat in my F and finding a good sub with 4.


I just installed a G2 10″ last weekend that a friend gave to v210-4. Posted on Tuesday, July 25, – Uh so does that mean that if you give the sub watts you’re overpowering it?.

When I want to tune for bass I like the Hurculiner idea. The subs are two years old and still work flawlessly.

It was down on the floor where it would get kicked around, so this was the best option. Not like veneer good, but it looks finished and professional. I know this isn’t the place for car audio, but I thought everyone could benefit from seeing the Herculiner covering. I love these speakers a little more than allowed by law. I want it to hit hard but tight and not overly boomy. Nate Boogie I have been putting other systems to shame with two of these 10 inch subs!!!!