BLOWGUNS. The Breath of Death. The blowgun, sometimes also called a blowpipe or blowtube, has a long but not necessarily well-documented history. The blowgun is a mysterious tool of silent death. Michael Janich reveals the many secrets of its capabilities and uses: how to buy or make your own blowgun and. Buy a cheap copy of Blowguns: The Breath Of Death book by Michael Janich. The blowgun is a mysterious tool of silent death. Michael Janich reveals the many.

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Within a week, oc had one of my own, and in the 12 or so years since then, 1 have owned and used a large number of others.

Blowguns: The Breath of Death

Dip it frequently in a can of water to keep it cool and preserve its hardness. He repeated the process several times and soon produced a tightly grouped cluster of darts in his target. Darts made from heavier wire are also Jess likely to be deflected by cross winds or by striking a leaf or twig on the way to their target.

Large-gauge needles around 20 gauge are preferred because they give the dart enough strength to penetrate without breaking and they ensure the maximum transfer of the poison or drug. Another positive feature of the blowgun is that it is practically maintenance free, AlLhough it is a good idea to periodically swab out the bore of the gun to remove condensed water vapor from your breath, nothing else is really necessary to keep it bdeath good condition.

The sturdiest homemade quiver for spring steel breaty is made from a 35mm film can, its construction is very similar to making a blowgun mouth- piece. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Targets for blowgun practice are many and varied, but some are preferable toothers.

Externally, it appears to be nothing more than a high- quality walking staff. Pick up the four corners and twist them behind Lhe spice payload to hold it in place and to form a tail so lhe pro- vreath will fly point forward.


In addition to their use on small game, they are good for harassing or distracting human targets, hitting quiet- ly from the darkness, breaking windows, and so on. Some very effective poisons cart be produced with kitchen technology from readily available beans and tje. Alter you file it to a broadhead shape, heat it red hot again and quench It in water to harden nreath.

This differs from the maximum effective range, which is the furthest range at which you can effectively hit a tar- get with the dart retaining enough energy to do damage.

The dart can then be trimmed to the desired length and the point sharpened with a file, elccLnc grinder, or whetstone. It would be a simple matter to fashion a bet- ter homemade gun than to buy one of these low-budget models. Sand off the finger hold at the base of the syringe so only the cylindrical body which is about ,40 inch in diameter, remains.

This feature makes it great for making small takedown guns, as it is easy to find tubes that fit tightly around your barrel tubes to use as couplings.

The darts are held securely within easy reach for a quick reload, and their sharp points arc com- pletely covered by the film breatn.

Chrono- graph tests have revealed that, when shot by average shoot- ers. Some modern darts go a step further and Include metal broad- head or blunt attachments that fit onto the tip of the wire shaft. This range, the practical shooting range for medium-length guns, is about yards.

Grasp the weight at the muzzle end and use it to pul] blkwguns cleaning patch through the entire length of the gun. This made for a good air seal within the bore without adding much to the dart’s overall weight.

Blowguns: The Breath of Death by Michael Janich

Our concern here, however, is evaluating the capabilities of the blowgun as a weapon in the hands of the average shooter. The steel rod can be chucked up Into a hand drill and used like a regular drill bit. Return to Book Page. The exact amount of the payload can be deatb through experimentation, as it will vary depending upon the bore diame- ter of your gun. The idea is to create w r hat looks like a small socketed spearhead Lhat will dexth over the Lip of a wooden or steel shaft.

  ASTM D1500 PDF

When storing your blowgun, it is important to protect it from warping. Amanda marked it as to-read Jun 23, Darts are also immune blowgun the effects of age, unlike conven- tional firearm ammunition, which can suffer from dead primers if stored too long. When the bore is finished, glue the two halves together again with wood glue or epoxy and wra p with rope or cord until the glue dries.

Blowguns: The Breath of Death – Michael P. Janich, Michael D. Janich – Google Books

With steel darts, the maximum range of a blowgun of average length 4 to 6 feet approaches 70 yards. Traditional hlowgun poisons arc all based on some form of strychnine, in South America, curare is the favored poison. I’ve bad better results by wrapping a few turns of narrow adhesive tape around the base of the tube La increase its diameter to half an inch for use in guns of that bore size.

Various types and patterns of camouflage tape that daeth w r ell on blow r guns are available from archery and gun shops. Now you must fit some kind of stopper to the tail end of the dart to provide an air seal in the bore.

One curious use of the blowgun in this century was during World War II, Colonel OLlo Skorzeny, leader of a notorious unit of Nazi commandos, was known lo have equipped them with dummy cigarettes that were actually miniature blowguns.