Bleed for Me [Michael Robotham] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. She’s standing at the front door. Covered in blood. Is she the victim of a. When year-old Sienna Hegarty appears at the back door of psychologist Joe O’Loughlin’s estranged wife, dazed and dripping blood. Title: Bleed for Me (Joseph O’Loughlin) Author(s): Michael Robotham ISBN: 0- / (USA edition) Publisher: Mulholland Books.

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Unlike every guy, Joe took a career in the Court as well as his wife had. He took it easy on Sienna. Ruiz the hunt is on.

A seasoned psychologist, Joe lectures at the local university, assists in court cases, and attempts to kee Joseph O’Loughlin is facing some tough times.

I know all the psychological triggers. Please let Joe find a good woman: I robothma the robotha, with this book is that we are not witness to the act itself, but to the aftermath.

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If you like well-written, involving, rohotham contemporary British crime fiction, you cannot possibly go wrong with this! O’Loughlin senses something different is happening, something subterranean and terrifying to Sienna. Jun 01, Erin rated it did not like it.

Bleed For Me

What was going on behind closed doors in the Hegarty household? We’re told of the various members of the local divorced men’s club some would say that phrase alone is humorous and of their quirky nicknames.


Julianne is defensive sometimes, at other points she’s open and caring and protective – and there’s some explanation of why she has done what seemed so heartless in earlier books. It may be something in her mind. It didn’t click for me as did the 1st book I read, Shatter the 3rd in the series.

I didn’t realize this was a series and I read it as a standalone and it was great!

Bleed for Me the Joe Oloughlin novel by Michael Robotham

He feels old and very ragged round the edges. Into this mix, he discovers that the teenager everyone is talking about, the teenager who’s been discussed and described as a cold-blooded killer, is his daughter’s best friend.

I felt like I was in Joe’s mind and feeling his anguish right along side him. Joseph O’Loughlin is facing some tough times.

Bleed for Me

This time, he’s brought in to do a psychological profile on his young teenaged daughter’s friend, Sienna. Recommendation- I recommend this book for people who enjoy mystery but also can handle more adult things.

At its most basic, this story is about a teacher of high standing in the community who just happens to be lecherous, grooming paedophile.

This one is told by Joe. Twelve of these non-fiction titles have been bestsellers with combined sales of more than 2 million copies. What would happen to Sienna? Joe’s inability to move on from his wife after their separation, the police’s complete disregard for Joe’s opinion while at the same time allowing him to prepare a psych report for Sienna, Joe’s immersion as a civilian in the case, etc.


Dear John Nicholas Sparks.

The portrayal of a couple who are amicably yet needfully separated is effective without being maudlin. She is found covered in his blood. As strong as the plotting is, in “Bleed for Me”, it’s the characters – central and peripheral – who have stayed with me so far. While the effects of Parkinson’s are getting worse for Joe’s body, his mind is also in turmoil.

I have a feeling that if he wanted her less, she’d be back with him in a he A compelling read spoiled because the author broke the golden rule – never kill the frigging dog! Robotha each layer of this mchael unfolded, I felt more and more connected to the characters and to the situations they were presented.

Bleed For Me : Michael Robotham :

Insomma, stavolta, ha fatto centro. He’s got a lot going on in his life right now.

I really like the Joe books and simply find myself completely caught up in the story and unable to put them down – this is no exception to that.