Bitten to Death (Jaz Parks, book 4) by Jennifer Rardin – book cover, description, publication history. 8 books in this series. Once Bitten, Twice Shy. from: $ #1. Another One Bites the Dust. from: $ #2. Biting the Bullet. from: $ #3. Bitten to Death. Jennifer Rardin is the author of Bitten to Death and three previous Shy; Another One Bites the Dust; Biting the Bullet and Bitten to Death.

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Jaz runs around trying to save Vayl from himself again; and Jaz and Vayl’s relationship seems to be treading water. But this book, like the others, strikes me as “almost”–there’s almost character growth, the plots are almost detailed, the action is almost exciting Another excellent addition to the Jaz Parks Series!

Bitten to Death

May 04, Joyce rated it uennifer it. Vayl is pretty much ignoring everyone and obsessing endlessly about his dead sons, Jaz isn’t just hearing various voices in her head and is actually arguing with them and David is in a bout of PTSD that is driving him to drink.

Vayl is no longer in charge; instead the only vampire he’s ever created Disa, is now running the show. Vayl is being a selfish rardih again, treating Jaz like crap and upsetting her and moaning on about his tragic post. The ill-defined relationship is a source of much confusion for me–I can’t understand its foundation. Jaz finds out some rather disconcerting news about Vayl, news that threatens their budding roma Disclosure: View all 10 comments.


I can’t picture him in my mind and I don’t feel I know his character apart from him being powerful, good in a fight and obsessed with his sons. She took away the easy outs that have weakened the last two books; Jaz can’t turn to the team of specialists-cum-friends to avoid uennifer difficult scenes or risking pushing herself emotionally and physically; Rardin forced herself to write the hard scenes where all three major characters face their jenniffr and their hopes.

Jennifer Rardin

I hope the next book of this serie will show all of them together again! Their mission is thrown into chaos and their lives into danger when they arrive to find that their contact and the leader of the Trust is dead and the new leader has an agenda of her own. I am still enjoying these books but I thought that this book was marginally less great than the other books. And, can they finally take down The Raptor? Entertaining, funny and totally unexpected.

Hey I have a sick sense of humor but that was freaking hilarious to me. This Jaz, Vayl and Dave are teamed up in this installment to enter into an agreement with a Vampere Trust in orfer to get a shot at their number one target, The Raptor.

Rardin did a wonderful job creating a creature that can make you cringe like that. I jerked upright, tring to pull my phone out of my pocket and managing instead to bang my elbow against the wall. I don’t think the woman hardly ever sleeps. Lists with This Book.

Quite a turn-around for the series.

Jennifer Rardin – Wikipedia

In addition, all the stories are laced with as much humor as they can hold without becoming a Mel Brooks knockoff. This book was very confusing. The banter between them all is usually one of the highlights of the books so as much as I’m enjoying seeing more of Dave I hope they’re all back together in the next book.


I also missed that there weren’t as many nifty gadgets in this book; there were a few, but Bergman was mostly absent. In someways the plot seemed to be rehashing the plot of the third book. One of the best quotes is when Jaz was dreaming of what she would like to do to Disa: Another great read with the kick-ass, smart talking heroine Jaz Parks.

Will Jaz, Vayl, and David survive their stay with the Trust? Loved all the action in this book and the determination from Jaz to help Vayl really showed her rardiin for him.

Bitten to Death – Jennifer Rardin – Google Books

I love Jasmine and Bitteen working and flirting together. I’m also getting more than a little fed up of Cole constantly trying it on with Jaz, I like his character less and less as the series progresses and just want to see Jaz tell him to back off.

I really wanted to give this 3.