Brother of the also medical prestige Manuel Patarroyo, since his student days, Patarroyo was concerned about deepening in the fields of Immunology and. Manuel Elkin Patarroyo (born November 3, ) is a Colombian pathologist who developed the world’s first synthetic vaccine for malaria. Manuel Elkin Patarroyo Murillo (Ataco, Tolima, Colombia, -) has created the first synthetic vaccine in the world which has been accepted by the World.

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If you continue to browse, we will assume that you januel to their use. Saddest of all, we lost a large number of people who, in the face of the economic difficulties, had to emigrate to the United States or to other developed countries, where they are now carrying out fantastic research work.

If you put those two things together, essentially you have a scientist working for the well-being of humanity.

See more Art and Culture timelines. A brief history of Skateboarding. Scientists are redoubling the search for an effective vaccine. Percy Jackson, The Lightning Thief.

I endeavor to convince governments and institutions of the importance of creating centers in situ, in each country, in order to increase the possibilities for talented people pataarroyo develop their potential, and to produce solutions in those places where problems are endemic. Visit Us Contact Us. Retrieved from ” https: The designations employed and the presentation of material throughout this publication do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of WIPO concerning the legal status of any country, territory or area or of its authorities, or concerning the delimitation of its frontiers or boundaries.


Archived at the Wayback Machine. Knight of the Orden of San Carlos by the Presidency of paatarroyo Republic ; Medal of merit of the National University of Colombia ; investigative merit, of the Hospital San Juan de Dios ; personality of the year ; Simon Bolivar of the Ministry of national education award and many more. See more Science and Technology timelines. If a concept developed previously by others or by us proves wrong, we resolve it quickly, take a step back and pick up the correct route.

I tell them to dream.

Theories of the origin of life on Earth. Doctor Patarroyo has also been, over the last twenty years, an outstanding researcher into other diseases and has studied the possibilities of creating other synthetic vaccines something the world of elmin had not expected to achieve until the year Malaria Facts The Anopheles funestus mosquito, one of the two most important malaria vectors in Africa.

Dream, and strive elkon day for your dreams, and if together you work for the well-being of others, everyone will help you to achieve your goal, because they too will achieve what they want.

Rather than profit from his discovery, Patarroyo turned the patent for his vaccine over to the World Health Organization WHO for free, because he felt that the benefits nanuel go to mankind, not to large pharmaceutical houses or rich investors.


Science must be given social importance. The team led by Patarroyo discovered a synthetic vaccine against malaria. Frank Collins, University of Notre Dame.

Despite offers of work at research centres in the rest of the world, he decided to set up in his own country, Colombia, working with a small, interdisciplinary team and scant resources, managing to form a great research group. In other projects Manul Commons. Subsequently specialized in Immunology, through post-graduate studies at the Rockefeller Foundation in Bogota. Coming myself from a developing country, I decided to dedicate myself to developing vaccines primarily for those problems which basically afflict the peoples of developing countries, such as malaria, tuberculosis, hepatitis, leishmaniasis, cervical cancer, which is an enormous problem, and many other infectious diseases.

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Patarroyo insisted that the vaccine be produced in Columbia, in order to keep the price low.

It is my obsession and my passion. The great depression between and The mention of specific companies or products of manufacturers does not imply that they are endorsed or recommended by WIPO in preference to others of a similar nature that are not mentioned.

Researchers and vaccine developers have been working on many approaches to bring forward the availability of a malaria vaccine.

Scientists with Vision: Dr. Manuel Elkin Patarroyo

He won national awards lederle and sandoz of internal medicine. In the genetic field Patarroyo and his research team have worked the genetic markers pointing to an individual how susceptible of contracting a particular disease.

Historical Events from One of the fundamental elements of my daily activity is to visit schools and to wlkin children at the Institute in order to speak to them about science. Patarroyo broke new ground with his first, partially effective, chemical malaria vaccine infor which he subsequently donated the patent to the World Health Organisation WHO. Planes Evolution by Pau Carles Vega.