Amsterdam gezi rehberi yazısında Amsterdam gezilecek yerler, nasıl gidilir, görülmesi gereken yerler, müzeler ve gece hayatı hakkında geniş. Amsterdam is named after River Armstel and is the capital of the Netherlands. The city known as the city of cannals, quite resembles to Venice. This Pin was discovered by Seyahat Doruk’ta. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

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Yaşamak İçin Güzel Bir Yer Küba – Seyahat ve Gezi Rehberi

The hotel was also nice, although the room we stayed in was a little small, there was nothing else to complain about. If you like taking photos, Renaissance houses which are the symbol of the city are absolutely attrected to you. Rehbeti the city is small, you can either walk or hire a bicycle to go anywhere.

We did not go there, we took a bunch of snacks and drinks and strolled in the park for rehbwri without getting tired, sat tightly, plenty of photos. There are different shops appeal to different tastes.

We ate the Angus burger. However, November is a very beautiful time to visit Amsterdam, the most beautiful colors of autumn waiting for us. In fact, it was a city that I wanted to go to for a long time. We have already prepared our thermal clothes before the trip, but we are accustomed to the temperature of Izmir, so that Amsterdam might come cold. It’s a beautiful system.

If you are thinking of buying souvenirs, you can get it here, there are various stores, and almost half the price of Amsterdam. The journey was not boring at all, my left-handed petals were covered with lush fields, filled with happy cows. Then we sat in a very pleasant bar that made our own beers called De Prael.


Entrance to the Begijnhof is free, open between There are very fresh and delicious fish varieties. From the hotel to here slowly we will walk a step further we are not in the heart of Red Light Old Sailor we were sitting in the name bara, or rather we took our beers from the inside and sat on the wall near the bar and watched our surroundings.

We went to Cafe de Klos, where we heard a lot about the return of the park, and we ate from those famous ribs.

Yaşamak İçin Güzel Bir Yer: Küba – Seyahat ve Gezi Rehberi

Coffeeshops in the Netherlands are allowed to sell a little amounts of cannabis sativa and they are determined and excised in a way. Volendam I am going to Marken Island with the boats from ‘I do not know that we will not go.

That’s why the Dutch cheeses are so delicious. Amsterdam One of the distinguishing features of the city is that its people must be gentle and helpful in addition to the charming beauty of the city.

Everyone who goes to rehbdri bus station says hello to the driver, thanking them as they get down, and bus drivers say hello to each other when they meet on the road. Actually, our aim was not to open it because we were tired, but we were hanging around the hotel, but the city took us away.

The city has its own poetic texture, you want to take pictures everywhere.

Amsterdam Gezilecek Yerler Listesi

Though after that, it gradually started to build up, and the customers started to wait in the cafe opposite the road and call the table empty. You enter the queue and tell your order, they give you a round instrument.

The weather was dark but our energy was not exhausted. It was a long wait line because they did not accept the reservation according to the research I made without going, but we found the place as soon as we went. We love Volendam very much, it’s a lovely little town.


Number 34 in Avlu The wooden house home is the oldest house in Amsterdam. We did a very pleasant half hour tour. There are Dam Square, big shops and fornixes.

I really have to say, no such flavor. Restaurants, bars and cafes, as well as prostitutes exhibiting their bodies rrhberi the glass windows. The weather was not rainy but it was generally closed. Thanks to the directors you find your way very comfortably.

Before we traveled I would stay with the hotel and learn how to get to the hotel from the airport. There may be like more than 50 museums. When your hamburger is ready, the appliance is flashing and you go and get your hamburger. Next day Rijksmuseum We went there to do a classic and we got a photo in front of “i amsterdam” and we sat at the cafe just in front of it.

Business Local stand amsterram last minute fireworks ahead of New Year’s Eve ‘Fortnite’s’ New Year’s Eve surprise confused so many players that the cofounder of Rejberi Games weighed in with a crack about renberi zones Need to get your car home on New Year’s? We dress up and we have our thermals, well, we can not go around so easily without them.

Moreover, there are a lot of braches of the same brand and they are all in business. The location of the hotel is very good, many many times very close.