of the Amatsu Tatara written as individual scrolls. Of interest to us are the Amatsu Ryoho (Medicine scrolls) the Amatsu Bumon (Martial scrolls) and the Amatsu. Unfortunately the Amatsu Tatara is still closely guarded by the several families that possess it, and little is known about the scrolls. However, long before the Kuki. Amatsu Tatara is the highest and oldest scroll of martial arts and Shinto spirit, dating back to BC. The Genbukan World Ninpo Bugei Federation and Kokusai.

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Hatsumi showed a body balancing routine to take home and share with other Budo students. KageteApr 16, However, the knowledge of the secret scrolls and books of the Amatsu Tatara are well known to special Japanese scholars, martial artists and spiritual experts. It was brought to Japan by the King of Mima and integrated into the aboriginal Japanese sccrolls.

People often say that we should bring relief to those who suffer, stand tayara against those scrolps oppress others and knock them down. However, the knowledge of the scorlls scrolls and books of the Amatsu Tatara are well known to special Japanese scholars, martial artists and spiritual experts. To be a complete martial artist we must train in both Bumon and Shumon to attain correct balance, physically and spiritually. His mission is to bring this once exclusive and secret knowledge to his students so they too may enjoy the mental, physical and spiritual growth that results in a more fulfilling and happier life.

Maybe another way to test the validity of the art is to analyze the kata of the schools, are they similar to other old Koryu? HI Gary Nice post but its the same old questions and comments being said and asked over and over attara for the past 20 years.

Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura Sensei is the 28th generation Grandmaster of this ancient tradition which has a lineage that goes back 2, years. A warrior must never forget this type of heart. He feels the time for his true mission has come and that is to show the world what Amatsu Tatara is.


The History of Amatsu medicine can only be based upon the words of the present day grandmaster Dr. Takamatsuden Legitamacy Discussion in ‘ Ninjutsu ‘ started by garthApr 16, If Takamatsu made those up out of thin air tahara he is a genius. It had very important meaning and was used for fortunetelling as well. This material is presented for educational purposes only.

Takamatsuden Legitamacy

Ttatara Tatara Shumon is passed on down to martial arts students of the various Amatsu Tatara Bumon Ryu Ancient martial arts traditions, specifically those connected to the Kukishin Ryu and is difficult for someone to understand if they do not train in the Amatsu Tatara Bumon. Do not depend on any video, audio or manual for your safety. This single scroll was later divided into 5 volumes, later still being subsectioned into 36 texts with 9 subtitles. From that time until about 10 AD a special scroll was written; the Amatsu Tatara Hibumi-no-Ikkan original main secret scroll of the Amatsu Tatara which includes all special techniques, philosophies, Tenmon heavens thingsChimon earth things and others.

Having participated in many different martial arts over the years this definitely stands alone at the top of the list, the training structure and encouragement you receive at the Kinkan Dojo ensure this is a very rewarding way to spend your free time. Therefore the information contained within the web site should only be used as a supplement to competent personal instruction, safe and diligent xcrolls, personal evaluation and balanced with the moral and legal application of any technique or tactic.

Do not rely on your head alone, learn through your body as well. I also found this of interest, bold is used to emphasise points.

After this the God’s Council met scrklls to decide on strategy for future protection of the nation. He feels the time for his true mission has come and that is to show the world what Amatsu Tatara is. King Mima presented it to Amaterasu. She then married the first emperor Jinmu and gave these scrolls to the Ohtomo, Nakatomi and Mononobe families families loyal to the Emperor. Ruha Thank you very interesting Garth.

Takamatsuden Legitamacy | Martial Arts Planet

A copy of the original scrolls amatus believed to have been presented to the first emperor of Japan Jinmu reigned from B. The base camp was situated at the Mount Miwaand after the Malays were defeated that surrender conditions were contracted. The words Amatsu Tatara are not well known. Looks quite similar to Kawakami’s demos. It is this type of heart, which contains the truly strong spirit of Nin, patience and perseverance. This ancient system is the source of all martial arts training within Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura Sensei’s Genbukan organisation.


At Mount Miwa in Nara he joined with the God Empress Amaterasu, and won an appointment as a high government official, with tatra including the centralization and effective management of the governing gatara.

If you misinterpret or misuse any of the techniques or concepts expressed in this web site somebody could be seriously injured or killed as a result.

The words Amatsu Tatara are not well known. In Attara, a prince from Karudeia shipwrecked in Japan with three attendants.

Amatsu Tatara Spiritual Theory — Genbukan Umineko Dojo

The Kinkan Dojo is fantastic!!! World Website is located at www. King Mima brought the special Kubikazari necklace which was made of 72 Magatama jewels. Shikin means Rei-jutsu spiritual techniques by truth consciousness. As someone who has been training in Ninjutsu under one or other branch of the Takamatsu traditions, and scrokls in those traditions, believe me when I say that in some ways this is not the best thing for me to do, especially as someone who teaches arts based on the Takamatsu traditions week in and week tatsra.

At that time Dr.

Everyone is supposed to keep their mouth shut? This Aryan, Prince Mimaoh was a reputed scholar on seamanship, astronomy, and philosophy.

Absolutely no taijutsu I’ve seen as of yet. This scroll contained information to run an effective government and keep a peaceful nation.

Examine the kata of the ninpo ryu-ha I mean, focus on gyokko ryu, koto ryu, etc. Amatsu Tatara Bumon Shumon. The Malays were given pardon and permission to settle the Iki area.