Do not switch on EasyGate in the vicinity of medical Install EasyGate with respect to a good GSM signal engine in the gateway to receive the next call as. 2N® EasyGate and 2N® SmartGate are one-channel analogue GSM gateways giving the user an opportunity to save costs on calls to. GSM networks. 2N Analogue GSM Gateways. 2N® EasyGate & 2N® SmartGate. If you are interested in our product please call + or email us at [email protected] cz.

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Obviously, these devices are much more sophisticated and provide a lot of useful features and options such as sending SMS, sending fax messages, etc.

Trust our experts to assist you. Basic installation consists of inserting a SIM card, entering esaygate PIN code and connecting the analogue line device to the relevant port on the gateway. In addition, you also get a power supply backup.

Register for Technical Training View our technical training courses. Trust our experts to assist you.

2N® EasyGate – GSM/UMTS Gateway – 2N

In addition, you also get a power supply backup. These serve to determine the call pricing or duration of an attached device.

Other smart feature which is highly appreciated is a periodical gateway status SMS message, which informs you about the current signal, number of calls, etc. This makes it especially suitable for environments requiring resistance against power outages.


2N® EasyGate PRO

Downlaod SmartGate Brochureclick here. The 2N EasyGate is not only a tool for call cost reduction as it can provide other communication solutions such as sending and receiving SMS and Analog fax messages, thanks to the GPRS you can browse internet and send e-mails, thanks to the FSK feature you can see the calling party on the phone if supported by the telephone – all these features are supported by the 2N EasyGate GSM Gateway.

Downlaod EasyGate Brochureclick here.

G3 analogue Fax Supported connections: Anywhere a fixed line is not available or where its operation would not pay for itself.

Choose the one that suits you best. This one-channel analogue GSM gateway provides not only for calls, but also for sending data, fax or SMS text messages. Where to Buy To purchase a product locally, please find an authorised partner. Project Consulting Do you need help with a project? CSD up to The gateway can also be used for monitoring.

This makes it resistant against power outages. These means of communication are widely used on boats and in distant areas. In the event of a long lasting pick-up of the handset without dialling a number, a predefined number is dialled automatically.

2N EasyGate 505313: GSM FXS/FXO gateway with analogue Fax

D-Sub 9, female Other Dimensions: Choose the one that suits you best. It is a solution based on mobile network used for a fixed line replacement.


Thanks to hard work and advanced know-how, we have not only reached remarkable success in the Czech marketplace but also gained ground as a leading telecommunications supplier worldwide. Example of Typical Connection.

In eadygate, this gateway serves as a full-featured fixed line replacement and even lets you save on calls to mobile networks.

Voice calls Data connection: In case of main power supply outage, the gateway gets its power from the internal batteries. Example of Typical Connection. Line interface Interface type: Check out the frequently asked questions and answers.

DTMF and pulse Tariff impulses: View all search results. We are always pleased to offer 2N products to our customers, because we value the high functionality, performance and reliability of 2N equipment. Project Consulting Do you need help with a project? Anywhere a fixed line is not available fasygate where its operation would not pay for itself.

DTMF and pulse Tariff impulses: Cellular GSM Terminal re mostly used as: What is GSM Terminal?